5 Ways to convince your boss to take you to Devconf Panama 2017

June 18, 2021


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![enter image description here](https://cms.rootstack.comhttps://cms.rootstack.com/sites/default/files/blog/img/5_maneras_devconf_panama_.png) Anyone who has already attended a conference on Development and Technology will tell you that it is one of the most rewarding and creative experiences in boosting the learning of a company.   But most likely your boss does not have planned trips or tickets "for creative learning", your boss is interested in the bottom line and this is how you approach the discussion: the tangible benefits that will make you more productive, so in other words, you must make your boss remember at all times, these key words that will be addressed at Devconf Panama: **efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.** **Devconf Panama 2017** is not only a development and technology event, it is a great investment in training, professional development and relationships between the developer community to a much more complete level that did not exist in Panama. **Why attend Devconf Panama?** The reasons for your boss may not be as clear as they are for you and here we will tell you how to convince your boss: - You can learn the latest technology and grow your skills from the community of developers as well as the assistance of invited international speakers. - Build a much stronger network in the developer community locally and internationally. - Collaborate and share your knowledge with attendees. If your boss is still skeptical and has doubts, we will give you 5 important reasons why the development and technology team of your company needs to attend **Devconf Panama 2017** #1. I will take ideas that can be discussed in the talks so we can apply them to our own business team. The presentations and conferences at the event help to share the Real-World Case Studies in a broad spectrum of companies locally and internationally. If I want to inspire my work team in the company to greater heights of innovation the event will teach me tips, studies and tips to capitalize on our own current resources within the company. #2. Valuable Connections. From the event, the networking done as a lunch and coffee break that will have Devconf Panama at the culmination of each exhibition, will help you to meet developers and technology experts in integrations to discuss unique skills and experiences as well as share your own, which can be used long after the conference. Also the halls will have tables and stands with innovative software providers and other development tools that will keep your company with the latest for your future developments. #3. I will learn how to save money for the company. Development gurus, technology and software enthusiasts will exploit all the campaigns and practical features of the various new programs within the developer community. They will help you to exploit your current job tools to make you a much faster and more competent team in the company. #4. Devconf Panama 2017 is an investment for our company. I'm going to learn skills that will have a lasting effect on my job, it's all about integrating good development with the best of today's marketplace to take the company to another level. I'm going to collect tons of tips and techniques provided during the event, but also to learn how to be a stronger developer, to bring the company the idea of a smart business. #5. Keep the company up to date. The new technologies for the web and the digital world, are out and we will have first hand of it with the speakers responsible for using them in their day to day. All these tools in one place as to explore trends and learn new skills from smarter minds and more creative industries.   So you want to be up to date and take your company to another level of development and technology in addition to sharing with the local and international community of developers.   **We are waiting for you this 25 and 26 of May at the Radisson Hotel**