Are you losing customers? Surely your company is losing money

June 18, 2021


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![enter image description here](https://cms.rootstack.com The customer retention is an important factor for success of the company, increase and retain the customer base is essential for **the business to grow and progress.** Actually, **Do you feel you are losing customers?** **Is your business strategy focused on retention not working or you do not have loyal customers?** You are surely losing money. **70% of companies claim that it is more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain one** Because of this, and because of the image of your company, it is essential to have **loyal customers**, who will take your company as the first option when acquiring new services and providing good references to potential customers. A **workflow system** is a tool specifically designed to meet one or more internal processes, a crucial element in the retention of its customers as an additional service in the company. The implementation of a workflow system will bring **positive benefits** on your company by increasing the productivity of your team to manual tasks automatically giving clear, fast and effective responses to your customers on the flows they handle with the company. ###Benefits of implementing a workflow system in your company - **Increased productivity** - **Speed ​​in each management** - **Ensures correct use of company standards** - **Reduced costs on processes** - **Improve customer service** - **Encourages communication between your team** - **Reduce administrative errors** - **Keeps your company documentation safe** - **Availability everywhere** ---------- We must pay attention to every request of our clients, with a workflow system we will manage in the best way the time of each user and thus solve the doubts of customers in a personalized and efficient way. We will be able to retain and increase the fidelity of our customers by providing a personalized service with a workflow system focused on our processes.