Automating customer tracking

June 18, 2021


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![enter image description here](https://cms.rootstack.com Automation is in the minds of consumers, when looking for new providers, the focus is on the ease of approach and management that each company has. If your business plan is to have **loyal customers and effective sales** you must take into account the technological tools focused on the automation of processes tailored to your company. ####Did you know that it costs five times as much to attract a new customer, than to keep an existing one? [(Source)]( In order to meet customers' expectations, you will be able to adapt the automation of customer tracking to your internal systems and thus keep your entire team informed about each customer follow-up as **new and unique communication channel** By creating an intelligent tracking process, each user would have the task of adding the detail in a personalized way to each contact. The secret to getting a current customer to make more purchases is the follow up done with the **quality of service** provided. As a goal to stay in the customer's mind is providing a personalization in each follow up making the customer feel that is considered in the company generating strategies to keep your account active with recurring sales. Perhaps the current case of your company is that the potential customer contacts the company requesting additional information or price of a service/product, but has more than 5 operators who receive more than 25 queries per day, which would surely delay in responding to the customer or the message would be lost. In the side of the client when not receiving the response in the expected time it will look for another provider that has an automated system that when filling a form from a website automatically receives the information, after 1 day receives a call from an agent consulting the reception and acceptance of the proposal. After purchasing the product or service receives a thank-you email giving back on the purchase made. By a month you receive a message with a special promotion for your second purchase, and so on. Internally, once a user writes from another web platform, this system feeds that information with notifications to the sales users. This user sends the information and generates an alert to follow up. Within the profile of the potential customer, the user will be able to add each follow-up done over time, automating all customer follow-up. If you hire a new employee for the department it will be abl eto see all the management made to each user in a fast, efficient, detailed and automatic way. ####Advantages - **Facilitates communication and exchange of information between users** - **Achieve customer status in real time** - **Increases productivity** - **Personalized service** - **Automated process** - **Saving resources** - **Minimizes errors** ---------- As an indispensable element to maintain your business, your customers must feel the interest of the company before any request for information or general management of each account. The follow-up given to each client will be the pillar for loyalty. Track automation will help you create long-term relationships, save operational resources, and increase employee productivity.