Benefits of Unit Testing in dedicated development teams

February 07, 2022

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dedicated development team


When software developers are working on a new project, the most logical thing is that at a certain point they want to test the code that they have been developing. And just at that stage, unit tests or Unit testing are very useful and timely, since it guarantees that the code is running correctly and without errors.


In itself, Unit testing is a test that is done at the same time as development to guarantee that the code works as it should, in the proper way. In the first development timeline, when the functionalities of the platform on which we are working are being created, unit testing serves above all to safeguard the code that we are creating.


But in the second timeline, unit testing is very useful because it is the stage in which modifications are made to the code when dedicated development reams are creating features and adjustments. This is where, through unit tests, we reduce the percentage of errors that appear when making changes.


dedicated development team


“The purpose of this type of testing is to ensure that each component of a program works in isolation, works as it should, responds as it should, and accepts what it has to accept. Unit tests are supposed to evaluate the minimum unit of work of a program, which is usually a method or a function”, they explained on the subject in the specialized YouTube channel “That C# Guy”.


Why does unit testing have to be done by dedicated development teams?


According to a webinar from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, in Spain, by means of unit tests, software development teams will have better code, with fewer errors, and at the same time reduce the time that the team spends debugging.


In which areas does unit testing provide more benefits?


  • In the maintenance, in the updates and in the new features, in the new things that come to the system.
  • In that scenario, unit testing ensures that the perfectly working product you created in timeline 1 won't be affected by any additional changes.
  • Unit tests allow to detect errors to correct them in time in the development stage.
  • These tests are a guarantee that, despite any change in the code, it will not alter what was originally created.


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What can happen if the unit test is not executed by software development teams?


Many allege that with unit tests a lot of time is invested, but the truth is that by doing unit testing at the same time as development, productivity is maintained because software developers will be writing code on top of code that is correct and tested.


“The problem with not doing the tests is that productivity starts to drop at a certain point, when we find the errors and we don't know where they come from. So we no longer have productivity because we are not programming, we are debugging to see where those errors come from that prevent our program from working”, explained Professor Ernestina Tanja, from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain.


dedicated development team


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