Rootstack in Clutch's top of the best software companies in Colombia

May 20, 2022

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The growth of the technology industry throughout the world has been barbaric, with the Latin American market being one of those that have shown the greatest expansion. Colombia is one of the countries that has bet the most on technological transformation: companies from all industries are modernizing operations and Rootstack has played a fundamental role in supporting these businesses with its experienced teams.


Thanks to this, the Clutch firm included Rootstack in the top of the best software development companies in Colombia, recognizing the support that the company offers to all companies and especially to SMEs.


Clutch highlights Colombian talent and recognizes excellent agencies and consultants by 2022. Each year, the Clutch team publishes a carefully vetted list of top-performing companies to achieve that goal. The criteria used for the list were intended to determine their impact on their respective industries", Clutch explained in a press release posted on their website.


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“The ability to excel even in the face of multiple challenges is a commendable feat,” said Dayasia Mason, senior account executive at Clutch. “We are honored to be able to identify the companies that do this regularly and give them the attention they deserve.


This is the top 10 of the best software development companies in Colombia


  1. Foonkie Monkey
  2. MAS Global Consulting
  3. Koombea
  4. Rootstack
  5. Perficient Latin America
  6. Heinsohn Business Technology
  7. Uruit
  8. TEAM International
  9. Parrolabs
  10. ZAGA


Growth opportunities in Latin America


The projections of the statistical firm Statista reveal that the growth of the industry in Latin America will continue to be significant, noting that the pandemic also promoted important transformations in this regard during 2020 and 2021.


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"The coronavirus (COVID-19) has determined an exponential increase in the digital industry in Latin America, which requires considerable investments in data security, as well as an accelerated migration to the cloud," they explained.


Latin America is a fertile land for technological services, especially for SaaS, because the use of mobile technology and the Internet are expanding rapidly.


“Several governments have implemented measures that make it easier to start a new business, in order to allow foreign companies to expand more easily in the region. Consequently, venture capital investments in the Latin American SaaS industry have laid the groundwork for profitable B2B opportunities, with market investments exceeding US$1.8 billion in 2020,” added Statista in their report.


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