CRM on the go and its importance

June 18, 2021


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We are bound to interact with a CRM in our work being at the office, but it is no secret that the era of mobile apps is definitely a walking tour by leaps and bounds, with millions of devices on the market market, it has become essential to integrate our company to the new mobile generation and this we did with the Rootnet App. Now you have available "Your company wherever you go"

The reasons for using mobile CRM or (an application for your CRM) are many, either for external sales staff, claim managers, traveling executives or just staff members who need to use the app to use surveys, inspections, customer impressions, quotations, sales orders, etc. without being bound to a computer.

The ideal is to have a mobile CRM more comprehensive and intuitive, that can be able to navigate the entire enterprise resource planning (ERP) and CRM, creating new orders or any other action, without making an extra effort or losing it user-friendly interface, is one of the most important reasons when interacting with the app features.

With remote access to the CRM from any mobile device, sales teams improve productivity by 30% and gain a much needed mobility, instead of having to wait to analyze information from the database of the company. The analysis in done in real time, providing actionable information, while the sales team is making their routes. This feature improves the responsiveness and team productivity because they can change or adjust strategies on the go based on the CRM's information.

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Such is the case of Rootnet CRM An app that has the mobility necessary for any sales team, with an easy navigation, a nice design and a high level of security, thanks to its selective filter access from different devices and data permits, functions or modules that only the administrator can edit.

Besides being a responsive software, is so user-friendly that data automation is done with ease.

This App also allows you to create support channels for customers, which is 100% customizable, letting us design the app to the needs of each company. It also counts with an API for additional integrations.

Attractive and user-friendly Design

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We can conclude that during this mobile era, it is a must to apply mobility to our company, allowing access to key commercial and customer information from anywhere, anytime, with any device.

Becoming mobile is certainly an indispensable tool for any medium/large company.