Customer experience: Most necessary technological investment

June 18, 2021

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There are many factors that are important for the effectiveness of a web solution, not only the implementation strategy of each tool, but also the importance given to the end user, audience and expectation of each potential client.


Meeting the expectations of our clients is not always enough, we must overcome them.


For this, we will have at our disposal resources focused on optimizing strategies and implementing specific objectives to improve the customer experience.


According to Gartner research, 37% of CEOs believe customer experience is the top technology investment needed to improve overall business and beat competition (Source)


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It is very likely that people confuse the term "user experience" and "customer experience."


The customer experience or CX is a more general concept to the user since it deals with the experiences the customer receives and the fulfillment of their expectations with the company through the available channels.


Strategies can be generated to improve the customer experience and attract the most users through attractive channels of information.


In this way we will be able to know our client, their interests and the real management of the tools of the company providing a great return of investment.


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Advantages of fulfilling the customer experience

- Customer segmentation
- Generates a greater value of the company before the customers
- Differentiation of competition
- Greater presence of the company
- Save resources
- Improve the company image
- Optimal focus on company objectives
- Improve communication
- Maximize recurring sales opportunities
- Increases the presence of users

So, Do we define new strategies focused on the customer experience or do we take the risk that the customer will find a supplier that exceeds their expectations?


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According to a report by Forrester Research, customer experience management (CEM) impacts on three aspects of customer behavior in a direct relation to the business:


 - The initiative of customers to buy more

 - Vendor change resistance

 - Acting as prescriber of the product and current supplier


The importance of maintaining an excellent customer experience should be a key point as a company, we will only have the opportunity to provide one experience that if it manages to be negative the user will give up our services and are likely to give bad recommendations.


For this, it is indispensable to focus strategies on the good service and to surpass expectations on each interest and fidelity of our clients.

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