Different types of apps

June 18, 2021


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The market for mobile applications is constantly growing. That is why every day more companies create applications that respond to their needs. However, it is important to know what types of mobile applications exist and which is the one that best suits your needs. **Native App:** Native apps are those that are developed only in the operating system language that will house it, this means that if our purpose is to develop an app that works on Android and iOS it will not be enough with one app but we require two of them each in different languages . **For example:** Apps for iOS are developed with Objective-C language Android apps are developed with Java language **Web Apps:** They are developed in a web language (HTML5 or CSS3) so they work on any mobile device that has a browser, basically mobile versions of desktop sites. A mobile web application is ideal for sites that do not require too many functions and will be updated periodically since having access from the browser will always offer the latest version. Mobile web apps are always a good option if our goal is to adapt the web to mobile format. **Hybrid Apps:** It is a combination of the previous two, you could say that it collects the best of each one of them. Hybrid apps are developed with languages ​​of the webapp, i.e, HTML, Javascript and CSS so it allows its use on different platforms, but also give the possibility to access much of the hardware features of the device. The main advantage is that despite being developed with HTML, Java or CSS, it is possible to group the codes and distribute it in the app store. IONIC is one of the frameworks used by Rootstack for multiplatform application development. Another example of tool to develop apps is Appcelerator. The best option to develop mobile applications will be one that offers a reasonable cost based on our needs and objectives