Digital culture: the choice of efficient companies

June 18, 2021


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Companies that constantly seek to innovate their processes implement specific tools to meet the requirements of the company on automation along with the expectations of their customers according to the processes involved.   We mentioned before the benefits of using an enterprise content manager, this time we will talk about the benefits at the company level.

Turn all those papers at risk to deteriorate or get lost and make the decision to implement automated systems capable of fulfilling processes involving company documents.

At Rootstack we are constantly seeking customized solutions for our customers that contribute to the growth, productivity and leadership of each industry.

  Currently, we are working with Alfresco as an innovative document manager that contributes enormously with the use of technology as support in the processes that inolve confidential company documents.  

With a document manager you will be able to store all your documents in a single database giving a greater visibility on the processes and work done in the company.

  Alfresco allows organizations to manage any type of content, is a compatible and customized system with multiple benefits over document management adapted to all types of business.  

With different security layers on the access of each user will have the possibility to create, edit or delete users as well as assign roles and permissions to users.

The administrator will be in charge of defining what the user sees and what each user can do.

  In a simple but collaborative way, a new communication channel will be achieved among the users and documents that the company has.

It will be possible to integrate internal applications and access from any mobile device with the mobile application of Alfresco.  

It is important that we take into account the access and easy use, level of customization and security provided by the tool. These elements will play an important role in our company and employees.

  With an easy-to-use tool and quick access, users will be able to focus on optimum updating and use. Personalization will help in the company with the integration and capacity to adapt the functionalities to the business processes.

  Most importantly, there is the security.

The magnitude and purpose of each document will require a secure tool capable of communicating, verifying and transmitting documents between users in an up-to-date and transparent manner.