Do I need to develop an App?

June 18, 2021


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This is the question that many companies ask themselves today, as they hesitated as to having presence on the internet with a website a few years ago. I think that time gave us the answer to that question! To compete in today's market, it is necessary for companies to define a digital strategy and identity that includes multiple channels, web, social networks, strategies in search engines, networks links and ultimately a mobile strategy, which is not only based on having a responsive website. Mobile devices have become an indispensable everyday tool with which the user "manages their life" through interaction with social networks, photos, music, games, notes, chats, etc. *The smartphone has become the main point of access to Internet, surpassing personal computers and 80% of its use is devoted to applications.* With these statistics, we can conclude that the potential market we are leaving out by not having a mobile app is enormous. ---------- *What is an App?*   *A mobile application or App is a program that is installed on the user's Smartphone or Tablet. In this way the app becomes part of the smarphone; a privileged place in which every brand would like to be. The icon identifies with the image of your company, which will be visible at all times, reminding the user of your existence constantly.* ---------- **Advantages of having an App:** ------------------------------------------- **1. Top Of Mind:** Each time the user interacts with their phone, your brand will be there, contributing to your presence in their minds. The App occupies a privileged place in the user's everyday life. **2. Always available** The App is installed on the Smartphone or Tablet, available to be used immediately, unlike a web imposed open a browser and search the site. **3. Privacy:** The Smartphone are close and intimate devices that are no more than a meter and a half away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, being a very special place for your brand. **4. User Experience** Because the interface, which is perfectly adapted to mobile devices, allows the user to navigate from their mobile or tablet with the simplicity and optimal usability. It also allows to use smartphone capabilities such as positioning, camera, compass, vibrating, etc., as well as store data locally and function whilst disconnected, which allows the user to create a more exciting and interactive experience. **5. Optimized content** The content that people can access through the App does not necessarily have to be the same as the website. Typically it is not. This is a key element to consider as a major challenge for the App, is to be practical and useful as to keep it installed on their Smartphone, so the content has to be optimized. **6. Prestige and innovative image** The App are novelty. They speak a language of young and innovative companies and must exhibit a modern and innovative image. **7. Presence in the App Stores - Helps in the get-to-know of the business** Our App will be seen by many more people in the different app stores like iTunes, Google Play, etc. Only Apple and Google have millions of searches per day. This will make your company to appear in organic searches from mobile devices and like the previous point, it will also contribute to the image of the brand. **8. Differentiation** Lets take advantage that many companies have not taken the decision to have a mobile app, thus letting us give the user an added value and differentiate ourselves from the competition. **9. New channel service to our customers** An App expands the market reach of your brand, products and services, making synergy with other existing channels, sharing information stored on centralized servers, providing an improved and consistent user experience. **10. Push Notifications** Push notifications are messages sent from a server to the Smartphone user, bound to the App, in the style of an SMS, but without the costs of these as they are sent through Internet. This provides a very effective communication channel with the user, a centralized proactive action that enables the App to "wake up" remotely and keep the user active and interested. **11. “Engagement”** The best thing about mobile is that companies are given the opportunity to participate with their customers in real time, depending on location, schedule and tastes, providing the opportunity to create a profiles and answer from it. **12. Direct interaction with other devices** A mobile App can let you control the available technology at your fingertips, best to explain this point is the mobile app developed for [Waterway Plastics](, which allows you to control all features of your pool from a smartphone or tablet. Case Study Rootstack & Waterway ---------- ***The reasons previously submitted are more than enough to help you decide whether to develop your App. We are here to exceed expectations in the development of your next projects!***