Do these 3 things and your company will succeed digitally

June 18, 2021


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1. Focus on business expectations first Your business needs a website, right? Or maybe your non-profit needs a new mobile app? After all that's why you are working with a digital agency or development shop. We don't think that's quite right. Your organization needs a new tool to achieve it's goals. While digital agencies and development shops build websites and applications, we do so to improve your business. As obvious as it sounds, it is worth reminding ourselves that businesses exist to bring value to our customers in exchange for money. Here's a technique you can use. Ask yourself - what is the core business objective you would like to achieve. Don't think about technology, just focus on what you think is the most important thing your business needs. For example, a plumber might answer that her most important need at the moment is generating more quality leads for her business. Now there are a number of digital solutions that can help businesses generate more leads. With that objective in mind, ask your digital agency specifically, "How will your solution help my business with ?" If you understand the business outcomes a good digital agency can craft the best solution for you. Most important, you will achieve the business outcomes you need, which is of course why you are here in the first place 2. Think about support You don't settle than anything less than perfect for your business. in our experience clients will want to make adjustments once the work has been completed. You'll have your digital product in use and when you are actually using it you will find things you simply couldn't have known beforehand. That's a good sign. Make sure you and your developers are crystal clear on what types of support you are paying for. Does it cover new features? What about when something breaks? There are budget-conscious clients that insist on paying only for development and then using their developers for updates down the road. This is rarely the best path for most companies. It is more likely than not you will need to reach back to your developers. If your contract doesn't cover ongoing service that's going to mean a small delay to get one in place or two a larger delay because the developers have moved their resources to other projects. In those c 3. Review your project schedule one extra time Development agencies like ours don't stay in business for very long if they don't deliver projects on time. That said, every project must account for schedule risk