E-Commerce Platforms to Keep In Your Radar

June 18, 2021

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ecommerce website development


We recently talked about the benefits of taking a leap into automated e-commerce as a way to improve your business and commerce management practices. It's an ever-evolving solution that always delivers the benefits that it promises.


Coming back from DevWeek 2020 we were inspired by one of the keynotes on the event where Giuliano Bossi, director of engineering at Shopify, gave a talk on how to build a scalable commerce platform and this made us want to look into how this year looks for e-commerce. First of all, the market for e-commerce platforms is wide and has options for whatever a company might be looking for: open-source, beginner-friendly, scalable, etc.


ecommerce website development


Here are some of the most popular e-commerce platforms right now


Started in 2004, this platform works the best for those who are looking to get into the e-commerce world and want something that doesn't require major configuration. It provides an out-of-the-box website that allows integrations, is secure and has a wide range of themes both paid and free that create visually appealing stores.


ecommerce website development



A modular style system that works as a plugin for WordPress, WooCommerce is an open-source commerce solution that can be used to sell all types of products from physical to digital products and everything in between.



Similar to Shopify, it's a content management system that provides tools to create modern and high-quality online stores that support different business models from retail to restaurants and beauty salons. One big benefit with Squarespace is its ease to integrate social media and also we can rely on their themes to be compatible across all types of mobile devices.


ecommerce website development



One of the most popular open-source e-commerce solutions in the market, running on big brand websites like Sigma Beauty, offers users the opportunity to code their store according to their exact needs and it suggests flexibility to adapt to the company.



A professional e-commerce solution that embarks all aspects necessary for running an online store from the page set up to managing inventor and order processing. It also integrates major payment gateways, marketing tools and multichannel support for social media and Amazon.


ecommerce website development


The future looks bright for e-commerce with it's growing presence across all channels, what once used to be contained inside websites like eBay and Amazon can now be found on Facebook and Instagram with their commerce integrations. Hence why companies have to start becoming more mindful about the way they choose to sell online and showcase their products.


Any of these platforms will do a great job in helping a company achieve a successful e-commerce experience and we would be more than glad to help, contact us at Rootstack for a free consultation and unleash your company's potential.


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