Hire dedicated development team: services to look for

September 08, 2022

Tags: IT Staff Augmentation

dedicated development


We are living in the golden age of technology. The processes, both internal and external, of companies around the world depend almost one hundred percent on software and technological equipment in order to be successful. This is exactly why it is so important to have a dedicated software development team.


Before we explore the services and skills and knowledge that members of a dedicated software development team should have, let's explain what exactly this term refers to and how it helps businesses.


What is a dedicated software development team?


“It refers to a model where a virtual team is intertwined with a client's software project, working from the vendor's office. Typically, the provider assembles a dedicated development team from scratch and tailors it to the client's project," they explain in Ncube.


Having a team of experts in software development will economically benefit companies since they should not have said experts on their payroll and thus have to pay high salaries.


They will be able to keep their systems up-to-date, in addition to resolving any errors that arise in the automated processes, both for internal use and for their clients.


dedicated development


What are the services offered by a dedicated software development team


Several people work within a dedicated software development team, and each one of them fulfills a specific role, these being absolutely necessary for the technological projects of the company.




Project Manager


This is the person who will be at the head of the dedicated software development team, supervising that all the objectives established with the client are met, the working hours for each task and will be the one who maintains constant communication between the company that hires the team and the rest of the team. team members.


Business analyst in a dedicated software development team


In Sloboda they explain “A business analyst carries out commercial and technological research on the project. The main task of a business analyst is to ensure high-quality compliance of a product with the objectives and technical specifications of the company.


UI/UX Designer


If the software development team is contracted to create an application or website, they need to follow a previous design that meets the requirements requested by the client. They are responsible for the product interface and its aesthetics, as well as ensuring that the user has a good browsing experience.


Software Developer


A fundamental pillar of this team. There must be a designer who is in charge of the frontend side of the project, this is the one with which the end user will interact, creating a dynamic interface. Also, another developer focused on the backend side, everything we don't see that drives the product to work.


dedicated development


QA engineer


They are in charge of making sure that the code is well written and executed correctly, in addition to supervising the other tasks so that everything is done perfectly, reducing errors and quickly resolving those that arise.


DevOps experts


They work with software development teams and QA specialists to coordinate product development and operation, as well as create a comfortable condition for testing project requirements.


These are the services that a dedicated software development team can offer to the company that hires them. At Rootstack we have all these experts ready to help you with that technological project that you have dreamed of so much.


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