How to create projects on JIRA

June 18, 2021


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Quick Access



In JIRA CORE the projects are understood as a folder that contains different incidents or issues. Each project has a series of incidents that must be resolved in order to carry out the objective of the project.


The structure could be defined from macro to micro in the following way:


Projects> Incidents> Workflows


Workflows are those that are carried out in order to complete the issue or incident, and so, to be able to carry out the project. Keep in mind that JIRA CORE has a series of default templates that you can use for this.


It is also important to mention that the projects themselves are configured by the project manager (As we have already mentioned, there are different types of users that can use JIRA in different ways)


How to create the projects:


Upon entering Jira you will get with your dashboard, or main screen. This is where you will find all JIRA products or modules and you can move through each of them. 


Once there, you must click on "Create Project" in the upper right corner. The software will ask you to enter the name of the project and create or choose one of the default templates.


How to customize projects


JIRA has the peculiarity that, before customizing a project, you must create it, that is why, once your project has been created it is time to customize it to your liking. You do this by clicking on the Project> Settings> Data 


Now, there you will see several fields such as:


  1. Project name (You can change / edit it when you want)

  2. Password: The password, like the name, is a unique code assigned to each project to identify it.

  3. URL / Link

  4. Type of project and project category.

  5. Description of the project.

  6. Add users and define roles


Just below the Data option, there is the People option. By clicking there you can see the people involved in your project (if there is one) or invite people to be part of the project.


Each person that you add or include in the project will have a specific role, keep in mind that these roles will determine their permissions and what they can (or can not) do within the specific project.


Access the projects


Both project managers and team members can access the projects to visualize them. Again you just have to click on Projects and you can automatically visualize all the projects that you have created or in which you are included.


Once you click there, and select the project you want, a view will open with all the tasks and the workflow corresponding to the chosen project. 



Keep in mind that the workflow within each project is completely adaptable to what you need. JIRA gives you a base to work on, however, as a user and administrator you can remove, add or change these columns just by clicking on the + symbol.


This is how you can create, and start managing a project. Keep in mind, however, that each project is directly composed of a series of tasks or incidents (Issues). To know how to create and add new incidents, click here.


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