How to keep your customer coming for more

June 18, 2021


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Today, retention and customer loyalty is everything, a company without customers has no performance or operation. As a company we must focus our resources on providing excellent customer service along with an optimal user experience through our website, generating strategies based on multiple channels available to attract and improve our brand.


We must take into account the lifecycle of our customers and our target audience: their interests, geographical position and what we are willing or can offer as a company. With this information we can create strategies for our website to optimally fulfill the entire sales process, since the customer is interested in some product or service, the pre-sale deal, closing sales and after-sales. All process should be taken as a priority and not leave aside current customers as it is more difficult and expensive to achieve a new sale to retain a current customer.


The approach to our clients should be personalized, reflecting the unique interest in their priorities and requirements with help platforms, directories with a single click, attractive offers, guides, surveys, subscriptions to topics of interest and thus keep interested and updated to all our users with responsive site adaptation to avoid design limits and have a reason why users do not visit our site. We understand as a software company that good customer service is indispensable. The approach of every company should be focused on its customers and loyalty plans. For this, it is recommended to carry out a previous study on the discovery, knowledge, selection, purchase and retention that a user has before making a purchase and that together with the strategies of the company we can stand out from the competition and be the selected provider in the majority of cases. **So, how do I get my clients to come back for more?**


- Attractive features -


Depending on your type of business you can implement unique and attractive features. For example, if you provide cable or cell phone services, you can have an exclusive platform on your website for customers with their telephone or customer number to view their statements, past billing, add new services or products, send comments about the service received, all from the comfort of their home.


- Rewards -


As a good strategy, you could implement rewards for your VIP customers with exclusive content, depending on the type of purchase they made would be part of different loyalty programs that would be administered from the corporate website. With shipments of products recommended based on their past purchases, inform about the arrival of new products, among others.


- Online Support -


You could have user manuals about the products you sell with the option of an online chat with customer service agents with direct answers ensuring that queries are being answered correctly and in the shortest time possible. There are many ways to attract customers through our website, but if we do not plan customized strategies we will not achieve the expected results. It is necessary to have a unique platform for each of our clients so that they feel a special support from the company regarding their interests and purchases made.


When buying a product give it a platform with user manuals and online support. If you purchase a service, automatic emails will be sent after a period of time to offer additional services or special discounts. With this, we will make our customers "come back for more", generating more traffic and standing out from the competition.