How to transform your solution into a digital marketing tool

June 18, 2021


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Today, a business/company/company or brand that does not have a web page is outdated, and runs the risk of remaining stuck in the past, while the other companies continue to advance. With [3.2 billion people having daily access to the Internet]( (That's approximately 51% of the world population), not having a web page that allows you reaching these potential customers, it's a waste of opportunity. But today we will not talk about why you need a web solution, or how software development is essential for the companies of the future. If you want to know about these topics, we have two blogs about it that you can read here and here. Today we will focus on how you can use your web solution and make it part of your digital marketing tool easily. If you do not have a web page, but you want to be part of the companies that do, contact us and let us help you! Meanwhile, let's start. ##The importance of having a web page Today, [every 4 of 5 people use the internet to find information they need]( That means that every 4 of 5 people use Google to find businesses that offer the services they seek. Having a website allows you to compete with the other millions of global companies to appear in the search results of that person who needs YOUR services. That is why [companies invested approximately $ 65 billion during 2016 alone in SEO]( To be able to appear of first choice when a future client searched for services that they offered. But, as you will notice, having a web page and making it appear in the results of Google are two totally different things, and for the second to happen, you must make your web page your main marketing strategy. ##SEO and digital marketing SEO or Search Engine Optimization is about the optimization of web content so that it is accepted by search engines such as Google. In other words, SEO is summarized in the set of actions that are taken to improve the positioning of a website in a search engine and reach many more people. We have a previous article in which we talk about how SEO is helping you find the companies/companies you are looking for, a blog that we recommend you read before you continue with this. Now, managing SEO sounds easy at first, but it is not. You see, adapting your web page to the Google algorithm requires constant work and the right tools, otherwise, you will not achieve anything. It is about transforming a web page so that the algorithm of the search engine recognizes it and thus increases its position, generating more traffic, increasing the number of visits, improving the authority of the site and thus appearing as a first option in the results of search. Maybe you're wondering: How is this part of my marketing strategy? Easy, by improving your website and optimizing it for SEO, you start attracting more traffic, which translates into potential customers, while you position yourself higher in the results of Google, exposing you to more potential customers. ##Transform your web solution into a digital marketing tool in 4 steps ###1: Use your CMS to the fullest Whether your website was developed in Wordpress or in Drupal (or any other CMS such as Joomla), these platforms have hundreds of different modules and features that allow you to improve your SEO strategy. From tags for each section of your web page, as meta-descriptions, to the definition of keywords for each blog published, all these features allow you to incorporate your CMS as part of your strategy to better position in search engines like Google. ###2: Define an SEO strategy We have already mentioned this, but it is good to remember it. If you want to turn your website into one of the best marketing tools, you must start by setting up a correct SEO strategy. This is done through several sub-steps that include but are not limited to: 1. Evaluate the current status of your website (Ranking, number of daily visits, amount of traffic, etc) and determine which sections should be improved immediately. 2. Determine a numerical goal for both the position you want to reach and the amount of desired traffic, as well as place a deadline for those goals. 3. Maintain a constant flow of content from the beginning that suits your website and the type of audience you want to attract. ###3: Invest in necessary SEO tools There are two indispensable SEO tools for anyone who wants to convert their website into their main marketing strategy and they are SEMrush and Google Analytics. These two tools, in different ways each, help you not only to determine the current status of your website, define your keywords, organize campaigns and others and monitor them, but also allows you to see the strategies of your direct competitors , observe by which words they are positioning and adapt YOUR plan to theirs to reach similar numbers. More importantly, through these tools you can keep a constant monitoring of your traffic, number of visitors, number of keywords and even audit your site to improve problematic pages. ##4: Create content of value consistently One of the key parts of managing a website as a constant digital marketing strategy is to create content of constant value. Now, this does not mean sacrificing quality for quantity, but knowing how to create and publish content of value that is related to what your audience is currently looking for. Of course, this will depend on the previous study that you have done and the strategy that you have decided to create, however, the quality of your content and the way that the present will be an essential part of your marketing strategy.