Integrate your marketing campaigns with Mailchimp

June 18, 2021

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Nowadays, many companies in different industries do not take that exponential leap that would catapult them to success since they work with an inadequate and obsolete marketing strategy, which often can damage their reputation instead of leading to success. The good news is that there are many specific tools and technologies to power your business growth efficiently. This is where we can mention Mailchimp.


Mailchimp is software that provides the ability to automate the marketing of your organization. This tool allows you to create and automate campaigns, as well as create and manage mailing lists and newsletters, among others. At Rootstack, we want your company to be successful and we can help you with this implementation that will allow you to have control over your marketing plans with various tools centralized in Mailchimp. In addition, you can count on our support from start to finish, and understand the advantages you will have over your competitors in the industry.


Its benefits


*Send emails to specific targets Your organization, like many others, has many clients that will increase if things are done well. However, these clients have different tastes, different ages, and a myriad of factors for which you will want to categorize the content by audiences, and this with Mailchimp is simple. Mailchimp sorts your mailing lists so that you can control what each list receives.


  • Active tracking With Mailchimp, you can carry out automated follow-ups. When a customer or potential buyer reacts by clicking on a predefined link, they will receive more information on the topic of interest through automated workflows.

  • Campaigns Through the campaigns, you will obtain information of interest for your organization, application, product, and others. With Mailchimp campaigns, you will be able to program the start date of the campaign and configure the emails that will be sent in certain predefined periods, all this automatically.

  • Analytics Mailchimp has analytics that allows detailed information on which links were opened most frequently, how many people opened the emails, among others. These tools will enable you to know if your strategies are working, which will lay the foundations for making the right decisions.


Don’t miss out on all the benefits marketing automation can offer! Reach out today, and let’s get started.


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