This is the integration of Odoo with the electronic invoicing module

February 07, 2022

Tags: Managed Teams, IT Staff Augmentation



Productivity and efficiency are some of a company's most important aspects, aren't they? All CEOs and CTOs are always focused on finding the best technological solutions that enhance the team's work, to increasingly reduce errors and flow delays. For this and many other reasons, ERP software like Odoo has become the business tool to organize each of its areas and departments.


With Odoo, for example, you can manage everything from payroll, inventory, marketing and sales, to billing and accounting areas. Precisely, at Rootstack we work on the integration of Odoo with the electronic invoicing module, to make it possible to issue invoices electronically.


What is Odoo?


We can define Odoo as a scalable ERP that gives companies the ability to integrate sales, customer management, website creation, warehouse management, accounting, inventory management, and much more in one place.


Odoo is a business management software that allows the user to manage all the departments of the company in one place, at their whim and convenience, with functional and modern tools.


what is odoo


What functionalities does the integration of Odoo with the electronic invoicing module offer?


  • You will have access in electronic format to documents such as invoices, credit notes, debit notes.
  • You can download everything related to electronic invoicing in XML and PDF files.
  • Through web services, you can validate the RUC of the companies when the electronic invoice is being issued.
  • This Odoo electronic invoicing module allows you to cancel invoices. If the 7-day period to make this cancellation has elapsed, then you can make a credit note.
  • The Rootstack team also worked on fiscal printing, allowing printing from the same Odoo platform.




The issue of electronic invoicing is complex since it must meet certain quality and format standards to be valid. Odoo and its integration with the electronic invoicing module guarantee high efficiency for companies, also offering a platform with an intuitive and easy-to-use design.


Do you need a project with Odoo? Contact us and let's work together!


One of the main attributes of Odoo is that being an open source platform, it is fully customizable and flexible, which any company can configure according to their needs, carrying out the corresponding integrations according to their flows.




It should be clear to companies that this type of Odoo integration does not mean that the team's work will now be more complicated: on the contrary, guaranteeing usability is the main goal, so that the adaptation of employees is as harmonious as possible.


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