IT Staffing: Should you hire a long or short term model?

July 08, 2022

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If one of the primary objectives in your company is to continue growing and expanding, then obviously the work team must also grow to meet those goals, right? In some cases, the hiring of extra staff is not possible since the budget does not allow it. Traditional contracting implies acquiring many contractual, administrative, and bonus commitments that increase expenses in the organization. This is where IT Staff Augmentation can be your best solution.


It is a hiring model that "focuses on the expansion of the internal team to help you hire professionals for your project, without this taking a long time," they explained in this regard on the Emizentech portal. This translates into the rapid hiring of professionals who join your in-house work team, ready and prepared to speed up the development of your project.


IT Staff Augmentation model is, in simple words, the temporary hiring of professionals to increase the capacity of your team/company. An important aspect is that before this hiring, as a company director or team manager, you must make an evaluation of the staff you currently have, their skills and what skills are needed.


Types of IT Staff Augmentation by skills 


There are several ways to hire an IT Staff Augmentation company and we will explain them to you below. What is essential is that you are clear about what kind of need you have in the company or a particular project. According to that, you are going to determine the type of service you require.


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  • IT Staffing based on general tasks


It is when the company needs personnel to take care of routine and general tasks within the company or in a particular project. It does not need specific skills since it will not perform particularly complex tasks.


  • Based on the ability


In this type of IT Staff Augmentation solution, the staff must handle a series of specific skills, which at the same time are not so complex but are necessary.


  • Highly qualified


This is when the staff offered is highly trained, with extensive experience and certifications that guarantee their knowledge and skills. It is trained to handle high-profile aspects of a project.


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Type of IT Staff Augmentation services according to its duration 


You can also hire the IT Staff Augmentation service according to the time you need this service. It may be that the project you are working on will only need extra staff for a short time or, on the contrary, for a long period if the project is extended.


This is where these two types of IT Staff Augmentation appear:


Short term


The short-term staffing solutions are contracted when the company needs employees for a short period of time, or to fill in for a temporary absence of in-house employees.


"It is oriented to situations in which you need to complement your current group of personnel for a shorter period of time, this means temporarily expanding your capacity between a few weeks and a few months," they detailed in an article on the ArganoUV portal.


Companies look for this service on a short-term basis, usually when a project requires some specific skill and they need to cover it; when there is a high season and they need more staff capacity for a short period of time; or when it's holiday season and the team runs out of some of the most important resources.


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IT Staffing team for a long term


Then we move on to the IT Staff Augmentation type of contract, which is long-term, which is implemented when the project is longer and the need to be covered is specialized and essential.


“It is geared towards situations where you need additional staff to work for your company for a longer period of time; in general, this means expanding the capacity of the staff for six months or more”, they added in the same ArganoUV article.


Another reason why it is convenient to hire a specialized profile through IT Staff Augmentation agency, on a temporary basis, is because it will be less expensive than hiring one of these profiles permanently. “IT Staff Augmentation is cheaper than full-time workers, since the company does not have to bear the additional costs that come with hiring full-time staff. Therefore, IT Staff Augmentation has the benefit of lowering costs when looking to hire a person with a specific skill set for the long term", they detailed.


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Types of IT Staff Augmentation companies


Now that we have learned about the types of IT Staff Augmentation, you should also be aware that this service can be purchased under different modalities, depending on the provider.


Master provider


Here we are talking about providers of large-scale professionals. They are capable of providing large teams for equally large companies, with large-scale projects.


Gig platforms


"They are online platforms that offer immediate access to independent workers (...) this modality is widely known for its speed and flexibility," they commented on Emizentech, citing portals such as Freelancer and Upwork.


Traditional providers


Provide them with specialized profiles for non-critical projects, but which still require high-level skills for their projects.


Consulting agencies


"These are smaller agencies or companies that focus on highly skilled and specialized talent," they detailed in the article.


On-demand talent platforms


“These platforms offer access to selected and highly qualified talent. These are best for highly-skilled talent that deploys quickly",  they highlighted.


Now that you have a base on what the IT Staff Augmentation service is, how it works and the types of service you can access, now you have to determine what the needs of your project are and what are the objectives you want to achieve, so you can analyze what type of IT Staff Augmentation suits you best.


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