Let's Talk About Self-Management Sites

June 18, 2021



Rootstack specializes in web development, adapting to each business’s needs and requirements. Today, let’s talk about self-management sites and how they can provide customers with self-management tools within a website to manage the processes and products they maintain with your company from anywhere, anytime.


Let’s dive deeper About Self-Management Sites


Websites are the face of a company and the first thing the user sees when searching online. That is why having a high-performing and custom-made web development is essential for all businesses. Web sites should be personalized and focused on their particular objectives with unique designs and technologies capable of scaling along with the company’s growth.


In the case of self-management sites, we work with technologies like Node.js, .NET, D3.js, Swift, Alfresco, Open Edu and Open Atrium to build powerful results. These sites can enable you to provide your customers with self-management tools within the website to manage their processes and products by logging in with their username and password. This way, they will be able to manage their services, view and make online payments all from the comfort of their home. This service also makes your company more innovative and gives you an edge that will make you stand out in the market.




Understanding its advantages


To continue, let’s take a look at the three main benefits of self-management sites:


-They facilitate processes


With a unique access key, you can provide customers a direct channel to the processes and services they maintain with the company while maintaining high security and privacy standards.


-They improve relationships


Self-management sites play an essential role in customer loyalty. Clients can perform specific actions from any place and time, creating requests immediately, making them feel in complete control over their purchases and products.


-They are available 24/7


By offering personalized access to manage account statements, online payments and requests for new information 24/7, your clients and potential customers’ satisfaction and overall experience will improve.


Some final words


If your customers need to follow up on purchases or processes regarding the services you offer, a self-management site is probably the best alternative for your business. You should partner with a technology ally like Rootstack, which has +10 years of experience in the industry, works with certified and senior software engineers and has outstanding collaboration skills.


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