A look at DrupalCon Baltimore 2017

June 18, 2021

In this post I will talk about the first DrupalCon I attended (in Baltimore) and the sessions I participated as a listener, to be the first time was a pleasant experience to meet and share with the big community of Drupal on the worldwide.

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Among the things that caught my attention I can emphasize the following:

Sessions: A variety of categories, targeting to the development (front-end, coding and development, php, symfony) as to the project management, user experience and Drupal horizons.

Attendance: Big companies related to the world of web and mobile development, as well as developers and lovers of the WWW.

Monday was classified as Drupal Trainings and Summit, with very interesting sessions focused on the business world so that your company grows more and more; As well as sessions where they shared about the new challenges of the digital age.

Tuesday: Among the sessions that caught my attention was the presentation on the future of CMS, since for a few years ago, the companies have begun to build their websites in a way adaptable to other devices, such as cell phones or tablets, but started a new era, that of smartwatches and digital assistants, to which the juice has not yet been extracted, at least not in Latin America. Another interesting topic was the session on debugging techniques, certainly a great help especially for those who focus on the backend, as a couple of commands can simplify life, saving us a lot of time by digging into the codes.

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Wednesday: Undoubtedly one of the most interesting session was focused on React, GraphQL y Drupal, it is incredible how we can uncouple the backend and the frontend, and even more interesting as GraphQL can serve as an intermediary, in this way the team of Frontend would receive the content needed to do his work. Of course this for tastes the colors and the set of these 3 tools may not be to the liking of some, but certainly is a good option to consider in building future websites. And where are we standing on Virtual Reality? The guys from Lullabot gave us a great look from it and shared their experience and tools used to see the demo, click here

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Thursday: Alexa, are you there? As we all know, Alexa is becoming one of the prefered tool from Amazon and is slowly gaining the heart and time of many developers. This time the topic discussed was how to combine Alexa with Drupal. The guys at Drupalize.me gave us an example of this combination with the following statement: "Alexa, ask fish jokes for a silly joke." Where "Alexa" was the activation command; "Ask fish jokes" the invocation and "for a silly joke", the intention. And how does Drupal respond? Previously they configured Alexa, sends a query to Drupal, who responds through a view, filtering by the content type "joke" and returning the information in a web services.

This was the end of my experience in DrupalCon, there were other interesting talks, but for this occasion I will conclude telling that the experience and knowledge gained was very good and extensive, meet new developers from all the world and see the Latin community present was awesome.

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