Main factors on Outsourcing Software

June 18, 2021


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Almost all times we get a high workload on our team, we want to be lean and/or we don't want to get to tedious with managing lots of people when other people can do the work and save on having employee's responsabilities, on this case With who to outsource: - Companies: Outsourcing with companies guarantees that the client will have a person working for them "x" hours and that will accomplish x standards, also the company will be responsible of training, workplace and having a high technology environement -> this helps the actual project he is on having a right flow , less blockers and a free support without help of the final client. - Freelancers: Hiring with freelancers is cheaper but the risk is higher: Risk of commitment on the project, don't have required hours to check in or checkout, the risk of dropping of the project. Responsabilities of the Outsourcing company: - Provide quality code based on every scope / situation of a project. - Provide good communication based on the project requirements Responsibilities of the Client to the Outsourcing team: - What to expect of every team member. - Communicate the expected culture over the project and tasks, we have had major clients that expect more of the team or other that expect more. - Communicate right away to the contractor manager if something begins to be an issue. This is a simple blog of main factors of outsourcing software, more information will be updated on this post or future blog posts.