Management is Exhausting - Here's One Way to Fix It

June 18, 2021


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## Management is Hard A recent Harvard Business Review reminded us of the obvious: [management is exhausting](https://hbr.org/2017/03/why-being-a-middle-manager-is-so-exhausting). The article describes the challenges of both being a boss and having a boss. It provides some useful recommendations organizations can adopt to make life easier on their managers. Rootstack would like to offer it's two cents. Want to make management less exhausting? Take action. ## Action To The Rescue Focused energy begets energy. Jet lagged from a plane trip? Don't take a nap, go exercise. Feeling lethargic at your desk? Knock out a few push-ups, go for a walk, or take some deep breaths of air. When we get our body moving our mind follows. This is the same in business. You are tired because you are grinding yourself down on the same tasks, failing to make meaningful progress. No more! It's time to get out of your rut. ## Identify Key Challenges Grab a good old-fashioned pen and paper and take five minutes to sit quietly. Write down the biggest blockers to progress for your direct reports, your personal work, and for your superiors. Don't think too hard - just get the ideas down. Come back the next day after a good night's sleep and start writing ideas on how those challenges can be solved. More likely than not you identified a key problem that can be solved with software. Don't have developers in house? Don't have a large budget for special projects? Don't have the time to do the work? Call Rootstack. We'll show you how we can fix your problem faster and for less money than you'd think possible. Just try us. Why are you sitting there stressed? Let Rootstack get to work. ## Call Rootstack If you have manual processes in your workflow like two systems that don't talk to each other, we can fix that. If you need a new website for a special product or service launch, we can build that. If you finally want to provide your web users with a mobile app, we can deliver that. Stop suffering the frustration of stalled progress. Take action. Call Rootstack now.