What is marketing automation? See how it works

June 28, 2021


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Marketing is completely transforming the digital present and future of today's businesses. It is not enough to have a presence on the Internet through a website: it is essential to create and apply marketing strategies to enhance the performance of a company, be it small, medium or large. And marketing automation has a lot to do with these tasks.


Those companies that are already implementing various strategies through marketing automation platforms have been able to boost their sales, as well as improve their online reputation, generating greater trust in both customers and attracting potential customers to ecommerce. The use of automation tools in marketing is one of the best plays in the area, as it speeds up tasks in an amazing way, increasing productivity and strategy results.


What is marketing automation?


Marketing automation refers to the use of different tools, platforms, and applications to automate the most elementary and repetitive marketing tasks so that the marketing professional or specialist frees time from their daily schedule to be used in more in-depth tasks, analysis, and planning.


The use of this type of marketing automation tool brings many advantages since it allows a better alignment between marketing and sales strategies and objectives. Likewise, it increases the conversion rate, explains HubSpot, and makes it possible to create personalized marketing strategies, which contributes to better nutrition for leads.


According to the HubSpot report titled Not Another State of Marketing Report 2021, automating email campaigns is one of the three most used tactics by marketers when attracting new leads or nurturing the leads they already have in the companies.


More and more agencies are also realizing the benefits of marketing automation software: at least 92% are focused on investing more time and resources in acquiring and managing these types of tools.


In which areas is useful a marketing automation platform


Automation can be implemented in various areas of marketing as we explain below:


  • Campaign


By using a marketing automation platform in campaigns, the marketer will have more time to think about the campaign strategy, while the tool automates the sending of the data to the leads or contacts that the company has.


  • Email marketing


Instead of sending email by email to leads, through a marketing automation application, it is possible to program the sending of a chain of emails that follow a specific objective or campaign of the company, leading to a more organized and planned workflow. 


  • Lead nurturing


Lead nurturing is very important to maintain engagement with the company, so that they continue to identify with the brand and remain interested in the company's products after having made a purchase. Through marketing automation platforms, customers and prospects can be nurtured on a regular basis with pre-programmed valuable content.


  • Social Media


The workflow in an agency or marketing department is usually very fast and with a great load of tasks. One of the most repetitive is the management of social networks, which can be perfectly automated with different tools that allow programming the content that is planned to be published.


Implementing marketing automation tools in your company is not a fashionable matter: according to data from Spiralytics, a successful marketing strategy depends 64% on automation, since it improves the user experience, offers personalized content to users and streamlines all processes related to marketing. So it's time for your company to find the best partner to start marketing automation.