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June 18, 2021


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We have talked about marketing automation before in previous blogs in which we talk about what it is, how it works, the expectations marketers have when starting to implement this type of solution and why you should implement it too.


If you haven’t read those articles we truly recommend you to do so before we continue with this one, since marketing automation and Mautic have everything to do with one another.


However, just to keep on going, marketing automation refers to the process of automating your marketing campaigns, tools, and related tasks through an automation software… And Mautic email marketing


What is Mautic?


Mautic is an open-source marketing automation software that acts as a marketing integration platform that provides Community Managers and marketing experts with a better marketing tool to achieve deeper, meaningful connections with their customers.


Through Mautic platform, users can have access to a higher level of marketing integration along with audience intelligence, allowing marketers to personalize customer experience through customizable emails campaigns, unique workflows, and customizable landing pages, all while tracking each activity.


This software platform gives marketing teams the opportunity to automate their strategies, making it easier to attract and nurture their leads and current clients by handling their unique profiles, monitor each interaction, manage communication systems and even keep stats on the results gotten from these efforts.


Mautic email marketing software makes it possible to combine an automation solution, a great team of marketers and a growing community of developers to bring marketing teams the platform they needed.




Through Mautic software marketers and community managers are able to integrate all of their marketing tools across all platforms in a single place, allowing them to manage their data, efforts, and results in a much easier way.


Keep in mind, that Mautic email marketing was made with the goal of nurturing leads and offering them a more curated, personalized content from the constant monitoring of social media platforms, email campaigns, landing pages and such, but it shouldn’t be considered as a CRM.


Mautic features


As a marketing automation software, Mautic has a series of features that make the automating process easier, those features or modules include:


1. Contact profiles and tracking


2. Campaign and email workflows


3. Social media integration


4. Landing pages


5. Reports


It is through these features that Mautic email marketing software is able to keep track of how every lead is interacting with your current platforms and keep constant monitor of each activity and then give you a proper report of these numbers, allowing you to gain a 360-degree view on how your strategies are playing out.


At the same time, these features allow you, as a community manager or marketer expert to combine the data from all of your platforms into a single one, gaining better control of what is going on across your multi-channel marketing strategy.


There’s also the fact you can visualize your strategies with Mautic’s workflow, which is something extremely useful in any automation process since it gives you actual visibility of the steps regarding your strategy and how you can improve or curate them if needed.


To sum things up, the way Mautic does this is by combining platform integration with audience intelligence into a single software, enabling you, and marketers across the world, to create more meaningful connections.




Why working with Mautic email marketing platform will help you improve your marketing strategies


Mautic software was designed to help companies build meaningful, strong connections with people across multiple channels, handling everything from a single place.


Working with this type of software means you get an insight on what every contact on your software is doing, and how every interaction you’ve ever had with them develops, allowing your team to create more powerful, personalized marketing strategies that cater for each one of them as individuals and offers them unique content.


This means you can literally see and manage relationships with your leads throughout the whole life cycle, either by programming the software to do so automatically, or doing it manually whenever you want to.


If you want to learn more about this technology, make sure to check out our previous section about it, here. And if you’re looking to implement Mautic email marketing platform on your company and jump into marketing automation, contact us! Let us help you improve your marketing campaigns and taking them to the next level.


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