Implementation of Automated Marketing With Mautic

June 18, 2021


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What Is Marketing Automation?


When we talk about marketing automation we refer to the use of innovative software to maximize the efficiency of digital marketing processes. Among them, we can mention lead nurturing, campaign management and segmentation, among others.


There is data that indicates that more than half of marketing campaigns work this way and that 80% are benefited by an increase in leads as a result. In addition, it is noteworthy that by 2025 the marketing automation market is expected to reach a value close to 17 billion dollars.


What Is Mautic email marketing platform?


Mautic is an Acquia company, the world's only open marketing cloud. Mautic enables brands to integrate and personalize all their digital channels and properties into a seamless customer experience. With its modern approach to marketing automation, the Mautic toolset enables specialists to deliver higher-performing content and campaigns and achieve superior results.


So How Does It Work?


Imagine automating tasks of the marketing process such as generating leads, campaigns, email marketing, delivery of personalized email for different types of clients, social media monitoring among many other actions. Mautic makes all of this and more easy. The extensive community of Mautic developers makes it possible for this software to be constantly updated with new modules, integrations and functionalities.




Some of its functions:


  • Creation of landing pages, campaigns, forms, reports
  • Campaign sending
  • Lead segmentation
  • Integration with Zoho CRM, SugarCRM, Amazon S3, Twilio, Mailchimp, Linkedin, Salesforce and others
  • Integration with social networks
  • Workflow configuration
  • Mautic reports allow you to better analyze the data and the results of the campaigns.


Mautic’s main objective is to make the connection between clients and potential clients as natural as possible by offering personalized content of interest. That is why at Rootstack, we provide a specialized team that will help you not only with Mautic’s implementation but will also go hand in hand with your expectations and needs to meet the objectives set by delivering a high-quality solution.


Mautic Advantages to Consider


You can do much more in less time


An automated tool works faster than a human. Suppose you want to send personalized emails to thousands of contacts, this would require a team working 24 hours, on the other hand, automation achieves this feat in seconds. The Mautic API supports many integrations that further streamline workflows.


Fully personalized communication

With Mautic email marketing platform, create intuitive workflows that can persuade your customers to keep coming back to your website. The goal is to follow up with customers through these flows and then be able to achieve personalized communication.


Inbound marketing improvements


By establishing communication with a client for a specific event through an automated flow, there are no interruptions with the follow-up, resulting in an evident improvement of the experience for our users.




Save money


Mautic saves human and related operating costs.


Working With Custom Templates


As we mentioned earlier, Mautic offers the functionality of sending fully customizable communications through templates. On the one hand, you can work both with the templates and the pre-assembled blocks that the platform offers. But what’s even more interesting is that you can create custom templates working with HTML code. This provides flexibility for the technical team to create custom designs with different elements, blocks, and variations. In turn, it allows not to be tied to a single template or an interface.


Going into the technical details, if you want to work with a pre-built template, you must prepare it to be able to import it. In order for Mautic to be able to recognize what elements your individual template contains (e.g. text boxes, images, buttons, etc.), what can be edited, and where new spaces can be added, you need to mark the HTML code with Mautic- data attributes specifics in advance.




Some Final Words


All in all, it is easy to see how Mautic can be an incredibly useful tool to boost and simplify marketing efforts, making them more streamlined and efficient. Working with an expert tech team can always facilitate this implementation using the best practices to ensure you maximize all the capabilities and benefits Mautic has to offer.


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