Migration to Drupal 8

June 18, 2021


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![enter image description here](https://cms.rootstack.comhttps://cms.rootstack.com/sites/default/files/blog/img/marketplace.jpg) As we mentioned previously, **[Drupal](https://www.drupal.org/)** is a free code content management framework, being the most recognized CMS worldwide. Identified by its **scalability**, transforming simple to complex projects within the life cycle of a single system. With an extensive community of more than **one million users** focused on bringing their knowledge to the constant updating and communication on new techniques or functionalities supported by a team to find vulnerabilities **reinforcing the security and viability of Drupal.** In this occasion Drupal presents its latest version, **Drupal 8**, becoming an easier platform to use, simple, flexible and integrable. These new improvements focused on developers who will bring benefits to your company by optimizing time on support tools and other features of this new version. **Some news about the new version of Drupal** - The configuration of the site is more homogeneous since it has configuration files and not code. - For the templates [Twig](https://www.drupal.org/docs/8/theming/twig) is used, a very flexible and powerful template system. - Provides the flexibility needed to be used by many PHP developers, not just Drupal - The architecture is based on **[Symfony](https://symfony.com/)**, another popular PHP framework allowing other developers who already have Symfony databases to start a Drupal 8 project in a **fast and productive way.** Advantages of Drupal 8 -------------------- - **Performance** Focused on the constant improvement, Drupal 8 has a better performance on the other versions with functionalities in the core. Load pages quickly storing cache efficiently and it optimally contributes to SEO. - **Accessibility** Drupal 8 has **multi-language** automated capability on site creation and translation in multiple languages ​​quickly. Provides a new layout of the administrative panel with new elements and adapted access to devices. - **Security** The security of Drupal has always been a positive theme, in addition to the extensive community providing in monitoring and creation of new functionalities this new version of Drupal provides a **solid and complete** core with modules focused on security. Migration to Drupal 8 -------------------- We will take a summary from [Drupal.org](https://www.drupal.org/docs/8/upgrade/upgrading-from-drupal-6-or-7-to-drupal-8) to explain how to migrate to Drupal 8 from a site in Drupal 6 or 7 in an **efficient way** Consisting of an automatic update, the Drupal 8 core includes **three migration modules** designed to perform that task. The process of updating using the browser user interface, 1. Create a new Drupal 8 site. If you are relatively new to D8, you could create two sites. A D8 site for migration, and another site to compare. 2. Allow the three cores of D8 **"Migrate"** modules [On the **"Extend"** page, currently near the bottom under the heading 'Core (Experimental)']. 3. Add **"/update"** to your site URL, for example: > http://my-d8-site.com/upgrade If **"/update"** returns a 404 error page, please confirm you have enabled the **"Migrate Drupal UI"** module. 4. On that page, enter your D6/D7 database credentials, found in **"settings.php"**, for example at: `[codebase-root]/sites/default/settings.php` 5. Click **"Review upgrade"** 6. Migration done ---------- As **Drupal pioneers in Panama** we are at your disposal to migrate your company's website to Drupal 8 **in an automated way** If this is not the case, we will be able to provide you personalized advice on the requirements of your company by creating quality projects together with our expert team certified in multiple technology platforms. In **Rootstack,** we have international business alliances on the design, development and implementation of web and mobile systems that will contribute to the knowledge of the needs of your company. [Contact us!](https://rootstack.com/en/contact)