Mobile app development and software outsourcing

June 18, 2021

Tags: IT Staff Augmentation

mobile app development services


The increase of mobile smartphones and user accessing to internet directly from these devices have pushed software developers to create bigger and better mobile applications to cater to that specific type of audience.


Seeing the rise on this type of softwares, it is pretty obvious companies that are looking to evolve and create a platform on the online world, need to consider creating a mobile application. Today, we will take a look at how mobile app development has changed the software outsourcing market and how it has become of the strongest trends of 2018.



mobile app development services


Growth of Mobile use in the last few years

The imminent change the use of cellphones has brought to the world is undeniable. Everyday, more and more people carry their phones on them all day, using it for almost everything.


If we look at the statistics, the number of mobile phone users has grown exponentially since 2015, reaching an outstanding number of 4,57 billion people having access to a smartphone, and this number is expecting to grow to 4,68 billion by 2020.


For companies interested in creating a stable online platform that ultimately benefits their sales and brand recognition, it means there are 4,57 billion potential customers they could reach if they only had a mobile application.


Of course, this is something that has caught up the attention of software developers and software engineers and has impacted the way they work and the it services they offer.


This also has dramatically changed the way nearshore software development companies work and the it outsourcing services they themselves offer, pushing them to creating and adapting apps to mobile platforms.


We will talk about that particular topic later on, but for now, we are going to focus on the way people consume mobile applications, and how you can use this information for your own benefit.


mobile app development services


Mobile app statistics software developers should know

As with any other web software, creating the right mobile applications requires research, and a good approach. And to do this, you have to know how the public is behaving and consuming this apps.


According to statistics, more android users download and use apps than iPhone users, with android having over 50 billion app downloads during 2016, and Apple having only 20 billion, the difference is noticeable.


There’s also the fact Millenials are the ones consuming these types of application the most, representing the biggest group of consumers, at least according to a research made by Statista.


If you take all of these factors into consideration, you’ll come to the realization that people tend to consume any type of content, including software applications, via their phone than any other platform (let it be computers, laptops or tablets)


So, how does the IT industry adapts to this reality? How does this directly affects software outsourcing and how are they dealing with the incredibly high demand for mobile apps? Let’s take a look.


mobile app development services


The revolution of mobile apps in the software outsourcing world

A long ago, IT outsourcing services were pretty basic, almost always revolving around creating web pages or software platforms that could work on Windows or iOS.


However, software outsourcing has changed dramatically, and now both offshore and nearshore software development companies have adapted their services to cater for companies that are looking for mobile app development.


With more clients asking for responsive web platforms and more companies needing solemnly app applications, the need to implement the right software development applications has also grown.


As a nearshore software development company ourselves, we understand the need to use only the best technologies to create these types of apps, technologies such as React NativeXamarinIonic, some of which we implement when developing these apps.


The truth is, the opportunity to target and reach to so many potential clients is something that needs to be exploid and done properly, using only the very best technologies and resources possible.


According to the statistics shown above, the mobile app market will continue to grow, and as it does, the offshore and nearshore software development companies will continue to expand their it outsourcing services to meet the demand.


As for now, all we can do is offer the client what they need, guide them to get a software solution that can be used both on a computer, and on mobile and keep on implementing the top technologies available.


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