Is Mulesoft free to use?

February 27, 2023

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One of the most powerful technologies for the integration of data, applications and devices on the market is Mulesoft. This technology makes its Anypoint Platform available to companies, dedicated to quickly designing and creating APIs and integrations.


Mulesoft Anypoint Platform allows you to connect to core systems faster, reduce security risk, increase customer engagement by receiving a personalized experience, thanks to integrated systems, improve the agility of your teams and reduce development costs and accelerates the delivery of results.


Mulesoft represents a world of solutions to structure, couple and communicate our technological infrastructure since it allows us to quickly and easily connect the applications of different technologies allowing the exchange of data since it is based on Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) architectures, therefore It offers the communication of applications of different technologies since it acts as a transport system to carry the data between them through the Network (Intranet / Internet).





Can Mulesoft be used for free?


Like any technology and tool, Mulesoft presents a payment system according to the needs of the project in which it is to be implemented. It is worth noting that for any new user, there is a 30-day free trial where they can experience the benefits of multiple Mulesoft features and find out if they are necessary for the project.


This question was perfectly answered by an integration's technology expert on Quora, who explained “This depends on your requirements and what elements of the technology platform you want to use. There are open source components, but generally if you're looking for enterprise-grade functionality (security, stability, scalability, premium connectivity to systems like SAP), you'll likely need a subscription."


In the article, the expert goes on to explain “If it is a limited use case that is not mission critical, with data/messages that do not require security, then the OS solution may suffice.”


On their official website they offer detailed information about their plans and prices for users and companies. They indicate that the cost would be 57 thousand dollars and increasing depending on the magnitude of the project.


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What is included in the cost of Mulesoft?


  • 57k automation credits to use with RPA, Composer or both.
  • 6 Composer Connectors: Salesforce, Tableau, Slack, and 3 additional Composer Connectors of your choice.
  • Select access to Anypoint Platform integration and API creation capabilities.


How the Mulesoft pricing model works


Pay as you go: Mulesoft charges for RPA bot minutes and the number of API calls made by RPA automations and the number of Composer tasks.


Flexible credits for RPA and Composer: Dynamically scale with a single, unified automation solution and unlimited seats to tailor it to your specific implementation needs.


Simple and predictable pricing scales with usage: Mulesoft maximizes use case flexibility between UI and API automations; minimize unused capacity.


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What is it that makes Mulesoft so popular?


Mulesoft is an integration platform that helps companies connect data, applications and devices across on-premises and cloud environments, engineer Rajesh Dasari commented in a Quora forum. The best thing about Mulesoft is that the integration can go from less to more: start with few applications and then connect more over time.


It is a safe environment for companies of any industry, based on the reuse of elements that allows streamlining processes and increasing productivity: Mulesoft allows you to use your own existing components without the need to make any changes.


One of the advantages of Mulesoft is that it already comes with a wide range of built-in modules and connectors, making integration quick and easy.





We are experts in Mulesoft


Rootstack and Mulesoft have maintained a strategic relationship for several years now, working together on important projects with clients worldwide who have been able to enjoy the multiple benefits of this integration platform.


Do you need to integrate several applications and data within the same system? Do not hesitate to contact us and thus start working hand in hand to achieve it. We will explain how our work process will be and all the steps for your project to be carried out successfully.


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