Mulesoft: how app connection works

December 23, 2022

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Business systems today have become quite complex. We are in the age of technology, everything we do on a daily basis is accomplished through one screen, so companies have different applications and systems running at the same time and this can be a big headache. Mulesoft is a tool that will allow you to link all these applications, so you don't have to deal with each one separately.


Mulesoft focuses on integrating and connecting data, applications and devices. It is a lightweight, scalable execution platform for APIs, integrations, and microservices. The company will be able to connect all the systems and applications it wants to have a single secure and stable network.


In addition, Mulesoft uses a technology called AnyPoint, which speeds up the release of software.




Main benefits of Mulesoft


  • You will immediately see a reduction in security risk sources, being more protected against cyber attacks.
  • You will be able to connect everything in a central system.
  • It will increase productivity in the team of collaborators since they will be able to carry out all their processes within a single system
  • It will improve the company's customer service since the collaborators will have more time to attend them and give them a personalized treatment.
  • Using Mulesoft will reduce development costs and speed up the delivery of results.
  • You will be able to create a scalable and secure e-commerce platform for the company.
  • With Mulesoft you can migrate all your systems and processes to cloud computing.





How to do connected apps setup in Mulesoft


In addition to being able to integrate all the applications and internal systems of the company. Mulesoft offers the Connected Apps feature, with which you can seamlessly integrate external apps, using the Anypoint Platform tool.


Steps to configure a connected app in access management


The user will need to follow the steps below to create a connected application with object storage scopes:


1. Sign in to the Anypoint Platform and select Access Management.
2. When the navigation menu opens, click Connected Apps
3. Then click Create App:


  • Now specify the name for the application.
  • Select Act Apps
  • Click Add Scopes
  • Select the object store scopes to apply.
  • Click Next and select the business group and environments where the scopes will apply
  • Click review
  • Click on add scopes and Cancel to cancel the changes

4. Click Save or Cancel to cancel the changes.
5. From the Connected Apps page, click Copy Id and Copy Secret for the app you just created.


In this simple way, you can configure connected applications in Mulesoft, using the Anypoint Platform tool.




Anypoint Platform Components


Anypoint Platform is a unified solution for iPaaS and can be defined as full lifecycle API management. In addition to the functions it offers, which we mentioned above, it also has several components.


Among them are:


  • Anypoint Security,
  • Anypoint design center
  • Anypoint Management Center,
  • Anypoint Exchange,
  • Runtime engine & services,
  • API-led connectivity,
  • Application Network,
  • DataWeave.


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