Integrating a CRM with MuleSoft

June 18, 2021


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One of the main concerns that pursues companies is to increase sales. While you have a good product you must provide the sales team with tools to make them effective. Today there are different CRM solutions in the market with which you can improve your sales. For example Salesforce CRM, Zoho CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Rootnet CRM among others. Allowing to organize the information of clients and prospects to identify sales opportunities. However, trends in technology and mobility are fundamental for all companies that wish to differentiate themselves with innovation, since the introduction of mobility as a business strategy makes it easier to meet your objectives. While mobility solutions for sales teams help reach the business objectives that have been defined. It is essential to have an integrated and well-communicated platform that streamlines processes, boosts sales and increases team performance. However, the integration of a CRM with other existing applications within the company such as an ERP, Website, mobile applications among a growing number of new applications is currently a rent. Many times being able to plan where to start integrating our CRM with other systems on the platform can be a complicated issue. **Optimal architecture** With Mulesoft Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) it is possible to have the most optimal architecture, since it allows different applications to communicate with each other by transporting data between applications within your company, achieving the transfer of information and facilitating the detection of where Point of the platform problems occur. What is sought with the implementation of Mulesoft to integrate a CRM is to avoid the development of complex code or fragile integration point to point. By implementing ESB technologies, a well-executed CRM integration project translates into benefits for the organization, increasing business efficiency and helping it achieve all of its strategic objectives, providing scalability and innovation over time, enabling the use of connectors in the cloud that offer an easy way to integrate with SaaS applications. When integrating CRM with other systems of the platform, the sales force team can consult information of the prospects before entering the meeting (follow-ups, proposals, minutes, etc.) from a mobile application and when stepping out of the app, it can load information of quotes, loaded in real time thus optimizing the management. **Case of success** UCSF Medical Center is recognized around the world for innovative patient care, advanced technology and pioneering research, with more than 750,000 patient visits and 40,000 admissions each year. To ensure close communication among the 8,000 staff members, the Medical Center was previously using a local search system that did not meet their needs. Using Salesforce and MuleSoft, UCSF Medical Center developed CareWeb Messenger, an innovative messaging platform, that securely integrates patient information into key systems.