My experience on the Nexus 2018 event

June 18, 2021


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Rootstack has been in the Nearshore Software development service market for a while now, we are consistently working with software development firms, startups and clients in the US and Canada. This year we went to the (Nexus2018) event were our main focus on Rootstack was to:

  • Understand the Nearshore community on different industries
  • Network with companies like Rootstack that are similar in the industry
  • Learn about the latest trends on Nearshore Software services

We were not aware of what was going to happen on the event since we had never gone to it, also we knew that the event was quite small between 80 - 100 people.

The panels I personally liked were:

Robotics Process Automation: Lessons in Implementation This panel was very cool in the fact that there is a market in the US of companies who need to implement Artificial Intelligente so they can automate ther processes, the interesting part on here was to know the methodology and architecture that (Symphony Ventures) is developing since you don't have to throw away your software and you can implement simulated processes on hardware to get things done like a human does it right now.

The State of Nearshore Delivery as Digital Commands Higher Performance This panel had some interesting parts like Wizeline has an academy for software development.

Understanding the Promise and Perils of Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence Interesting panel on the development of chatbots, we in Rootstack for now have never been involved in the development of a solution as such but we are eager to get our first project of this type.

About the networking most of the people were companies such as Rootstack so my main objetive after checking this was to analyze our actual status on nearshore development of Rootstack and how can we be better.

We will keep going to events related to nearshore development so we can improve our service and proposals to the market.