New colocation hosting

June 18, 2021


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![enter image description here](https://cms.rootstack.com **Let's talk about hosting!** When we get to the point within our project where we have to look for hosting, companies look for a provider with the capacity to effectively and transparently meet the specifications of their systems and information management being responsible for maintaining, monitoring and correcting the servers avoiding failures or falls in the final system. A hosting system stores information, images, videos or content, in charge of storing all the information and files that the company handles with backups made from time to time to prevent considerable losses of data. Within the plans to grow your business the decision of the type of hosting that will keep your data secure will be essential, there are multiple options when looking for the ideal storage of our information that may be **adapted to every need.** This time we will talk about a type of hosting not very common but beneficial, the **colocation hosting** consists of hosting private servers in a third-party data center. The internal server is "placed" in a physical space within a rented data center in a way that does not affect the office ecosystem and meets specifications. This “colocation place” will give your company the power, appropriate temperature and bandwidth suitable for your server. There are many benefits offered by colocation hosting, we can highlight the following: - **Flexible management** - **Improved response times** - **High availability** - *Independent space** - **Client dedicated server** - **Total flexibility of administration** - **Security guaranteed** - **Saves resources** If you manage many systems, frequent exchanges of information, multiple email accounts and have the plan to integrate new elements in a short period, it is advisable that this type of hosting is implemented in your company as it will provide the necessary capacity and comply with specifications. It is important to know about all types of hosting that exists and together with the provider make the best decision on the future of systems management.