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June 18, 2021


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Nowadays, companies have to get creative when it comes to finding the best way to promote their brand, and make themselves even more known across different types of public. Usually, marketing departments do this by using social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even Youtube, but also use other methods such as Email marketing and even implement new strategies as the omnichannel marketing strategy. But what if the correct way to make your nearshore company known is through an old, yet effective, method as debates? What if you have to start considering online debates as a new part of your online marketing strategy? As an IT outsourcing services company ourselves, we have taken upon the task and responsibility to find out if this old yet new method can actually be implemented in a successful way, and whether or not is it worth the trying. ##A different look into Online Debates Anyone who ever went to college know what online debates and forums are, it’s a vital part of a higher education, and sometimes an obligatory task that we had to take to get through a certain class. If we take the traditional definition, as stated by the [Cambridge English Dictionary](https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/debate), we could define a debate as a serious discussion of a subject in which many people take part. Now, this concept can be easily adapted to almost any situation. Take for example, there are debates in many college classes, there are debates held to discuss new laws, there are debates for anything. That being said, companies, (nearshore companies, and any kind, really) can apply this easy concept and turn it into a successful marketing strategy that places them on a bigger scale. Later on we will take a look into the different companies that are already using this method as a way to reach a new public, but for now, we will take a look at how this can be used as a marketing strategy on its own. ##Online debates as marketing strategy Using online discussions as a way to make a company known isn’t something new. Different kinds of brands and companies have been using online forums and webinar to discuss important topics, and it has worked pretty well. To back this information up, a study made by [BigMarker](https://medium.com/@BigMarker/12-webinar-statistics-you-need-to-know-b3e28b275abe) showed up that the average number of attendance on webinars are about 148 people, a huge number when you think most people don’t like to commit on seeing live content during their weekly days. It is also worth to mention that the same study showed that companies who succeed at this type of online marketing, tend to invest more into their platform, spending both time and money to make their webinars and debates work as they should. You might be wondering if this works or not, and the answer is still unclear. You see, there aren’t any really statistics at the moment about how online debates are working for different companies, specially for a nearshore company. However, there are statistics that show how webinars are working as a marketing strategy, and the numbers themselves aren’t as bad as you might think. This is shown in a study made by [Livestom](https://livestorm.co/webinar-statistics/), that proves webinars about technological subjects attract over a 40% of the general number of attendance. ##Companies currently using this strategy Keep in mind using this strategy is still something new, however, there are already a great number of companies that are using online debates, combined with forums and webinars to promote themselves and open up to new publics. Most of these companies are, however, international ones with a huge online platform and the resources to keep on such a marketing strategy. Meanwhile, smaller companies are focusing on webinars alone, a much more known method. Between the list of companies that are constantly investing on online debates are: 1. [Yuxi](https://yuxiglobal.com/services) 2. [Telarus](https://www.telarus.com/) 3. [Eci Solutions](https://www.ecisolutions.com/) 4. [Datafox](https://www.datafox.com/) Amongst these four international companies, Yuxi is on the lead to implementing online debates, constantly helding new events about relevant and important topics, with different speakers showcasing different points of view on the same matter. The way this particular enterprise is using this method could be taken as a prime example of how opening up to other companies (that might or not be your direct competitor) can have multiple benefits for your marketing strategy. However, taking the leap from webinars or forums to online debates requires strong thinking and a lot of patient. If you took a look at the previously mentioned study, you would have noticed the time that it takes to actually set a good online debate strategy, and how building up a public can be quite difficult. If you would like to know more about how to carter for the right public when it comes to implementing this particular marketing strategy, make sure to read our [blog](https://www.rootstack.com/en/blog/online-forums-and-debates-attract-new-public-your-company) about it, and find out how marketing to the RIGHT type of public and launched your online debates to a whole new level.