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How Matrix Work in Python and How to Use Them
Tags: Technologies
When we talk about Matrix in Python, we are referring to a specialized two-dimensional rectangular array of data, which is stored in rows and columns.
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UX/UI Design
How to connect MongoDB database with Django
Tags: Technologies
MongoDB is a document database, which means that it stores data in documents like JSON.
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Software Consulting
The ten tools for continuous integration most used by DevOps in 2021
Tags: Technologies
Continuous integration is the process of building automation that verifies each record in a shared repository.
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What is the definition of a unit test from a DevOps perspective
Tags: Technologies
Unit tests are generally written and executed by software developers to ensure that the code conforms to their design and behaves as intended.
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Cloud Computing
Inertia.js and its advantages for Laravel developers
Tags: Technologies, IT Staff Augmentation
Inertia is not a framework, nor is it a replacement for your existing server-side or client-side frameworks.
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Data Science & Machine Learning
How to add a splash screen in React Native with Splashboot
Tags: Technologies, Tech Trends
The splash screen, or welcome screen, is a view or screen that is shown when the application is started for the first time
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