Reasons to implement Drupal in your company

June 18, 2021


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Surely is not the first time you listen from Drupal and as a company we are witnessing the advantages offered by this system in all the stages of development.

We understand that as a company you may have many questions when it comes to require a new business system and that is why, in this blog we hope to help you with the decision to choose the suitable platform for your company's next project.

Why Drupal?

Drupal is the most recognized and used worldwide content management system, with a extensive portfolio of companies that have implemented Drupal in their enterprise systems that support the security of the tool such as the White HouseMTV UKGrammysUniversal MusicWarner Bros Records, among others.

We will name 10 reasons why you should implement Drupal in your company

1. Easy administration

Drupal simplifies and provides the ability for non-technical users to manage your system quickly and effectively.

It has content types that are simple and suitable to the requirements of the company.

2. Custom User Management

A very important element on the structure of each system is the management of users.

With Drupal you will be able to create users and permissions where it would be possible to group your users by department or function, give them permissions according to the actions they will perform on the site and visualize every change made in the system detailing the author, dates and specific changes made.

3. Flexibility

As a Drupal attribute is the flexibility, where it will be possible to develop projects on the web with success in the hand of multiple types of content where you can add new custom features without having to alter all the code or put in maintenance of the site by changes.

4. Security

Generally, barriers are placed before the word "open source" for security reasons. Drupal has checked its security by a group of professionals who constantly seek vulnerabilities in the system capable of monitoring, improving and generating new functionalities giving international support when required.

5. International support

Drupal has a extensive community and available in many countries worldwide, with developers willing to help, any doubts are clarified and documented from its official site.

6. Cost savings

Drupal has no licensing costs, it is open source which will save you costs on the development investment by focusing on the custom functionalities your company requires.

7. Scalable

One of the main reasons why choosing Drupal over other platforms is scalability, you will have the possibility to implement simple sites with the plan to make them complex according to the growth of your company as well as new functionalities as the company requires.

8. Optimize SEO

With Drupal it is possible to optimize the search engine positioning of the new system developed with a large number of modules available that help the SEO specifically.

9. Multi language

You should not complicate about multilingual systems in your company, with Drupal it will be possible to easily implement a site in several languages.

10. Appropriate design

Design is not a limitation, for projects that do not seek complex solutions and want to save resources there are multiple galleries with functional templates focused on each type of industry.

On the other hand, you could implement unique designs focused on your brand in an automated way creating a positive identity on the web where you could change items easily because the design is of your authority.

Drupal is a CMS adaptable to all types of company, with more than 15 years in the market and multiple functionalities it offers stability on developed systems.

  In Rootstack we have successfully delivered more than 60 projects with Drupal, creating long-term relationships with our clients being the Drupal pioneers in Panama.

  We focus on providing quality projects together with our expert team with more than 5 certifications in site builders and development, taking your next project to success automating the processes your business needs.  

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