Review of the Collision From Home 2020

June 18, 2021



Rootstack participated in the Collision from Home 2020 an event that had to evolve its presentation platform, where it was used be in Toronto, Canada; to develop a streaming platform to continue offering quality content, sharing ideas and knowledge that we will talk about later. In 2019, when we participated with a stand, it was a satisfactory experience that we plan to repeat in 2021.


For now, let's talk about what Collision Conf means, according to some portals "Collision is one of the world's biggest tech conferences." - Bloomberg"Collision continues to be the most frequent answer when I ask others about the conference they most want to attend this year." - Inc"Collision is not just the anti-CES, but a stealth threat to SXSW's long-term dominance." - USA Today.


And it's no wonder, the number of attendees is around 32,000, from more than 140 countries around the world and hundreds of world-renowned speakers, such as Brad SmithPresident of MicrosoftParag AgrawalCTO at TwitterGreg PeterChief Product Officer at Netflix; and many more.


For us, it represents a great opportunity to introduce Rootstack in the North American market and to establish ourselves as a technology partner for those companies looking to innovate in their niche and automate their processes, with a Nearshore Development business model where it can adapt to the changes in the industry and the new challenges that are coming.


This year the organizers of the Collision, due to the current situation of health worldwide focused its content on the dynamism and perspective that companies should seek and highlight their competition. They also covered all the scenarios involved in implementing aggressive strategies and their benefits in the short term but in this blog, we will highlight what we consider to be the most interesting due to market demand:


What is the role of technology in times of crisis?

In recent months the technology industry has had considered important in companies worldwide, and everything is due to the health situation we have today, but I wonder if perhaps this is the time and the answer is no, the technological revolution and the services it offers us has been coming for some years looking for its place in different industries, the need now is even greater is to win or die? I think the situation for some companies is not critical but for most it is.




Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, talked about how large companies can use technology more effectively and responsibly and make this the decade where global crises are, in any case, efficiently addressed with real-time technology. "Covid-19 is the theme of the decade. We need to remember what we learn how to maintain the infrastructure needed to protect ourselves”.


Technology offers users the power to deal with a global crisis or to make a bad situation worse. Those at the top of society need to ensure that this power is used for the good of all. "The digital technology that we and other companies create are indispensable tools to help address crises in any form. But they can also be turned against us if we don't use them wisely”. - Brad Smith on the responsibility of creating technology that helps the world.


Change the game and it will work

If you ask me who were the great protagonists of Collision 2020, I will answer the Startups, which were already stepping strong in the market continue to have prominence on the world stage, but the current crisis has opened a huge sale of possibility to enter the market with a new and innovative product; the health software, communication, education, teamwork have taken a greater relevance now because there is a great demand for these as a service.


The digital experience is the key

In the coming months, a percentage of 19% of companies are fully digitized and will offer their products and services through digital channels (WebApss, eCommerce, MobileApps, Social Networks, and others) which means you must take a step forward and maximize the user experience on the network.


This trend will make consumers not choose a brand because it is good but because it gives you a more real and warm interaction experience at the same time, where you can no longer simply ignore that you are interacting with a customer because your competition can provide that same service with extras that will make them different.




Roadmap of the Collision for the year 2021

To conclude we wanted to highlight this point, as we consider it the most important for next year, the technology platform must be maintained whether or not there is a global crisis, I think the experience itself was quite good there were some talks that were frizzy and had to move and place other talks, the event was well organized, the usual networking had to move to the app, the talks were short and the content was good.


Rootstack attending this type of event and offering their advice and experience so that more companies around the world can successfully implement innovative platforms.


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