Rootstack in numbers 2017

June 18, 2021


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At the end of this year, we see many new people in the company who work hard to be part of the Rootstack culture and standards, old people who have been part of the team for a while and carry out the demands in complex projects and we also see challenges that have come since 2017 because of the new services and the growth of Rootstack.


Some important points that its good to remark besides the numbers: - We have more offices to accomodate more people based on the demands that we have. - We are working on couple of modules of the intranet we are going to launch on 2018 on the brand of Rootnet. - More work has been done to standardize internal processes to be more effective. !


Our main plans on the 2018 are: - Create a mini gym on Rootstack 12 de Octubre - Create new partnerships and grow the actual ones - Perform better on other markets - Excel in every sense to our clients and internally