Screencast: Multiple register forms for different types of users in Drupal 6

June 18, 2021

Tags: Managed Teams, Technologies, IT Staff Augmentation

Table of contents

Quick Access

This is a really simple tutorial that explains how you can build a site with multiple register forms for different types of users using the modules Auto Assign Role, Content Profile and CCK.

The screencast was recorded in spanish but feel free to ask on the comments if you need any help.

¿Qué es Drupal?


Drupal is one of the most versatile CMS today and the one used to build many of the web pages that we visit every day. According to the definition given on its official website, “Drupal is a content management software. It is used to create many of the websites and applications of daily use”.


With a flexible and modular system, Drupal has managed to penetrate the taste of developers when they must design a web page that is easy to use for the common user.

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