Second Drupal Training

June 18, 2021


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On may 2012 we conducted a Drupal course for several companies in Cathalac - City of Knowledge. Companies and institutions such as Government Innovation Authority , Banco Universal, UTP - Technological University of Panama , Cable Onda, Superintendent of Banks of Panama, AEP - Panama Accelerator of Companies and Smithsonian were attended training, the goal of this training was to give a start to these companies on Drupal. We started the training talking about what Drupal is, what can do with and the community behind the platform. Our primary goal was that they could learn the functional part of Drupal making practices and case studies in the laboratory so that once the course completed they make begin their first web project. As an important part of the course we talked about the installation and configuration of Drupal, the general layout and operation of Drupal (content types, modules, translations, content, themes, taxonomies, permissions and roles), modules and case studies as the practical part the course. As case studies, we worked with examples like: A site for orders of parts and tires of cars and a publishing site. Modules that we explained and used in the case studies were: Views, CCK, ECK, < a href = "http://drupal.org/project/drush" target = "_blank">Drush, References, Panels, Internationalization and Display Suite. On development subject of Drupal, we explained topics such as: the structure of a module, hooks, important API's - Form API, Entity API, the database layer in Drupal, Issue tracking and good practices in Drupal development. Later this year 2012, we will make other intermediate to advanced course of Drupal. If you wish to participate in the next course, please write us. Some photos of the course: