Is Shopify the best start for an e-commerce business?

March 14, 2022

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Technology has changed everything. From the way we communicate, the way we work, and even how we study. Now everything has an online alternative: hundreds of chat applications, remote work, and study platforms that make life much easier for society. And of course, it has also transformed and diversified the way companies can reach their customers. E-commerce platforms are responsible for this digital expansion of business.


Shopify is one of the most used e-commerce platforms in the world and in a report published on its website, they indicated that just two years ago, sales through online purchases only reached 17.8%. But in 2022, that figure is expected to rise to 21%, rising to 24.5% in 2025.


With these data it is more than clear that every company today must have its e-commerce on par, to cover not only the traditional market but also expand in the digital market, obtaining not only local customers but also global ones.


Is Shopify the best start for an e-commerce business?


But, with the decision to create an e-commerce, another very valid question arises: What is the best platform? Is Shopify the best start for an e-commerce business? You've come to the right place because we'll explain the advantages and benefits that Shopify provides when you start your e-commerce.




Installation is quick and easy


If you are just getting started in the world of e-commerce, it is best to work with a platform that is simple and easy to install such as the one offered by Shopify: “It offers an easy way to quickly launch an online store without the hassle of servers and the development costs that can be incurred with self-hosted platforms”, explains an article on the Kayo Digital portal.


It also has an intuitive interface, easy to use and learn, so your company's team will not have any problem in this regard. Shopify also has a fairly varied documentation available on its website in case users have any questions when using the platform.


You don't need too much technical knowledge


If you don't have a lot of technical experience, don't worry because one of the attractions of Shopify is that it provides all the tools that the company needs to create e-commerce, without them having to worry about things like hosting the site.




“Not only does this make it easier to get up and running, but Shopify hosting is likely to be faster and more secure than you could achieve on your own, plus it will easily accommodate spikes in traffic you may receive. Shopify also handles all software updates", the same article detailed.


It is safe


Security is guaranteed on the Shopify platform, as they are constantly applying improvements and updates to their platform, so that company and customer data are increasingly protected.




“Responsive capability is the key to success for an eCommerce store because the number of mobile shoppers is increasing every day. Shopify themes are mobile responsive, which means they can be used to take advantage of mobile-optimized stores. There are even free applications for iPhone and Android that can be used to manage the store”, highlighted an article on the specialized portal Orange Mantra.




Efficient payment platform


One of the biggest unknowns for companies starting their journey in e-commerce is: And how do I receive my payment? It's logical, everyone wants an easy, efficient and secure payment gateway, and Shopify offers that.


“Shopify simplifies payment gateway setup for store owners. The platform supports the Stripe payment option, giving buyers the freedom to transact without paying additional fees", they explained.


For these reasons and many more, Shopify is an excellent option if you are going to create your first e-commerce, since it will facilitate many essential procedures, thanks to which you will be able to focus on your business instead of attending to technical aspects. Do you want to know how to develop your own e-commerce? Let's talk!


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