Software development outsourcing: Is it really as good as they say?

June 18, 2021

Tags: IT Staff Augmentation



We have heard it all by know, we have heard how software development outsourcing is the next big thing, we have heard (and read) articles about nearshore software development, and how offshore software development is so amazing… But are all these things true?


Don’t get us wrong, we are a nearshore software development company, but we want to look at this matter from your point of view, and figure out whether or not this is really worth your time, attention, and money. Now, getting into the world of software development outsourcing can be quite confusing, especially with so many different opinions floating around, so why don’t you star by taking a look at the numbers, because you know, numbers never lie.


The software development market


We have a full on article on this subject, talking about software outsourcing on the numbers, and statistics you might want to look up if you really want to understand the nearshore software development world.


That being said, let’s take a look at how this market is going, and what the numbers have to say about it, because there’s no better way to find out if something is really as good as people say, that by looking at the numbers.


Globally, the outsourcing market managed to amount over 80 million US dollars, this according to the Statistics Portal, with America being the third nation to contribute the most to this type new working method.


It is also worth to mention the IT sector was the most popular amongst outsourcing services, with almost 65% of the outsourcing market being IT outsourcing.


Now, when you take a look at this statistics, it is incredible how many people in the world are resourcing to software development outsourcing, so much so, the IT technology outsourcing is one of the most profitable markets in the world.


But what does this mean to you as a customer? Sure, these numbers show that outsourcing works, whether you choose to go for nearshore software development or offshore, outsourcing this tasks works, but is it really good? Is it actually worth your time?


Software development outsourcing: A good or a terrible idea?


To sum this up for you, software development outsourcing is a great idea, and an excellent way to cut costs and center your energy on other core tasks while you leave this one to your nearshore company… But this only works when you do it right.


There are way too many offshore software development companies and nearshore providers out there, and a single mistake when picking your next provider could turn your outsourcing experience into a disaster, and therefore, it won’t work and you’ll leave with a bad perception of a great method.


Not long ago, a New York Time's reporter made an article about it, mentioning how software development outsourcing does work, and it is good, but only when you are careful when picking your nearshore partner.


This is incredibly important, since it is when the line between “is it worth it?” and “This doesn’t work” really is. If you pick an offshore software development partner, or even a nearshore one that is right for you, you are pretty much set to go.


It is also important to mention that you should always, always, look for a nearshore software development company first, and make sure you find a software provider that is close enough to you.


Now, do not get us wrong, offshore software development works, and it does so beautifully, but it is significantly harder to find an offshore software provider that fits your needs, specially the very first time you are outsourcing such a big tasks.


So… Does software development outsourcing works?


To sum things up, it does. The benefits are there, and are undeniable: You get to significantly reduce production costs, you get to work with a team of professional software engineers, and you save precious time you can use to do something else, like focusing on core businesses tasks.


Of course, these benefits will only show up if you pick your nearshore software development (of offshore) carefully. If you do so, there is really no reason why your outsourcing experience wouldn't be as pleasant as possible.


Nowadays there are thousands of different software development outsourcing providers who are made of incredible engineers with the resources, intelligence and time to develop an incredible software solution for your company, and not making the most of that would be just a bad move.


Do your research, go for the nearshore software development solution and find the right match for you and we assure you, you won’t ever again doubt about outsourcing any process.