Start to outsource more than your software development

June 18, 2021

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We have talked a lot before about how the outsourcing market keeps growing by the minute, and why you should outsource your software development process. However, it is time to talk about another very important process everyone should start to outsource: Quality Assurance.


You see, while outsourcing your software development process is a great idea, there are many other process you can outsource too to help your company improve and focus on the really important matters


However, amongst all the things you can outsource, quality assurance is perhaps, alongside software development, one of the main things your company should start outsourcing right now.


Get to know more about the Quality Assurance process


Quality assurance, also known as QA refers to the process that it takes to make sure everything is in place and working perfectly. More specifically, it refers to the process of maintaining a certain level of quality in a service or product.


Now, Quality Assurance engineers are very similar in more aspects than one to the software developers, so if you have already worked with an nearshore software developer provider, you must be familiar with software engineers.


However, unlike software developers, QA software engineers don’t focus on creating a software, but rather on performing a series of tasks to make sure the software previously developed is working perfectly.


A QA software engineer takes care of all the testing and fixing that goes behind a software. They perform various tests on websites and softwares to make sure everything is running smoothly, and report any problems the platform might have.


Last, but not least, they also fix those problems and remove any bugs there might be. Basically, they are the responsibles to get the software in perfect conditions for any other regular user to navigation use.


Why you should outsource your quality assurance process


Whether you are a small, medium or big company who is currently developing a software or already have one but want to make sure everything is in place, but don’t have the time to do so, outsourcing this process is a must.


As a matter of fact, if you’re already working with a nearshore development partner to develop a software for you, you might as well partner up with them and ask them about their QA outsource system, or if they’d like to work with you.


But if you are not in this situation, here are a couple of good reasons why outsourcing your quality assurance process is a great idea, no matter what:


Improve Quality


This is the number one reason why everyone should outsource their QA process. You see, unlike software development, QA isn’t necessary a tedious process, but it is a very important one that should be handled with caution.


By outsourcing your QA software process you are making sure a qualified person or team is working to put your website or software into the very best conditions possible.


Save time


We mentioned this earlier on, if you are already outsourcing your software development process, why not save yourself extra time and outsource the QA at the same time?


This way you get the finished product already tested and ready to be launched. No worries about having to run further tests or loosing time fixing annoying bugs and problems.


Cut cost expensenses


Much like it happens with outsourcing your software development, outsourcing your QA can significantly cut down your company’s expenses, allowing you to use that money to invest in other things your company might need more.


Deliver projects earlier


We all know how long creating and testing a software can take, however, by working with a nearshore QA provider who is constantly working alongside your software development team to deliver the best product possible, you’ll be able to finish projects sooner and faster.


Keep in mind outsourcing your QA places your project on the hands of qualified people, which means you’ll not only be getting the product you want before time, but you’ll also be getting a great product in a shorter amount of time.


Quality Assurance is a very important and vital part of any software development process that shouldn’t be ignored not looked down. Make sure your company is making the right choice, and work alongside a QA provider that can suit your necessities.


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