Thinking about getting a chatbot?

September 28, 2020

Tags: Chatbot, Chats, Marketing Automation

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In a constant lookout for improving communication and interactions, chatbots are becoming more and more popular as a solution.


Chatbot solutions work as intelligent assistants that help enhance customer support and client interaction, they can be implemented into websites, mobile apps, and software and are a way to have customer support available 24/7 without the expense of having an actual rotative team.


There are two types of chatbots, in their most simple iteration chatbots work as an interactive FAQ providing answers based on keyword identification. The downside of these types of chatbots is that they work solely based on a standard knowledge database so their responses can sometimes be limited.


More in-depth chatbots work with machine learning, they are programmed to interact with customers and start building their database based on the data collected from these interactions. Resulting in a richer communication experience and an ever-expanding solution.


Chatbot popularity has been rising exponentially in the past years, by 2020 it's calculated that around 80% of companies use a chatbot software and that up to 85% of our interactions can be handled by bots.


**3 reasons for a chatbot**


- Automating customer interaction can decrease human efforts applied to repetitive tasks. Allowing the use of resources in other tasks.


- Cuts cost due to one chatbot being able to manage loads of work, contrary to having to hire a large team.


- Chatbots collect data from each customer interaction that can be later used for creating a customer insight database.


**Comparing our favorite solution, Crisp.Chat**


 is one of our favorite chatbot solutions because it truly is the perfect package and can be adapted to any type of business plan. Here's how it stands up against its competitors in some areas:


**Crisp.Chat vs. Tawkto: Main features**


**Crisp.Chat vs. Drift: Live chat software**


**Crisp.Chat vs. ZenDesk: Marketing and sales automation**


**Our takeaway**


As a chatbot solution, Crisp.Chat stacks up pretty well against its competitors and while it does lack some features here and there, it still makes up for it in other areas that still bring benefits into your organization.