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June 18, 2021

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outsourcing latam


Latin America software outsourcing. This topic isn’t new to us, actually, we have a complete blog talking about why companies should outsource their software development processes to this region, a blog that you can check out here.

The thing is, the IT outsourcing market in central and south america is growing by the minute, and more companies are getting ready to work with nearshore companies from the region in the upcoming year.

That being said, as a nearshore company ourselves, we want to give you some tips on how to succeed in Latin America software outsourcing during 2019. However, before we do, make sure to check out our previous blog about how to outsource to south america and not fail at it, here.


outsourcing latam

1: Understand the market

Engaging in a nearshore solution with a company from a different country is already a big risk, but doing so without understand the market of the region you’re outsourcing to, is a mistake.

According to a report made by flatworld, Latin America is the fastest growing outsourcing destination in the WORLD, which means there millions of different nearshore companies to choose from and developers to work with.

If you’re thinking to outsource a software process to latin america during this 2019, you need to sit down and begin to do your research on the region. Take a look at the top outsourcing countries, understand the impact of their developers, see the success rate, everything.

Once you have done a proper research and fully understand how the IT outsourcing market works in central and south america, you’ll have a much cleared idea of where to outsource and what to look for.


2: Go for the top outsourcing countries

This tip is directed towards small and medium companies who have never outsourced their processes before. You see, there are 33 countries in Latin America, with close to 2 million developers working in the region, and not all of them are a trustworthy option.

As companies who are just starting to outsource, we recommend you to go for the top outsourcing countries in Latin America, which represent the safest options for you.

Countries like Brazil, Argentina and Panama are a great option to outsource your software development processes during 2019. Not only these countries represent a safe bet, but their current market is thriving, making them the perfect outsourcing destination.


outsourcing latam

3: Don’t settle for the cheapest option

We have talked before about the real cost of a nearshore solution and all the factors that directly influence the final cost, which we recommend you check out, here.

In that blog we mentioned how nearshore solutions aren’t actually cheap, but rather accessible and cost effective, which is true.  Software development isn’t cheap, and you need to be aware of that.

If you want to have a successful experience, make sure you avoid false “cheap” nearshore solutions and avoid possibly getting scammed. If you would like to know more about this particular topic, make sure to check out our blog about it, here.

4: Be clear what you are looking for

There’s a difference between outsourcing a whole project to a nearshore company, and hiring a latin america software developers, and you must understand this.

Of course, this will depend directly on the type of project you’re thinking to get done and the scope of said projects. However, if what you need is a little bit extra help for very basic software development, it’s likely hiring latin american developers will be a better option than contracting a full nearshore company.

We recommend you setting up the requirements of your project and define the scope of it before start looking, that way you’ll have a much clear vision of what type of help you need in order to complete your project.


outsourcing latam

5: Check for their previous backgrounds

We can’t stress this enough, but this particular tip is VITAL to assure a great outsourcing experience. Let’s say you did your research, you picked one of the top outsourcing countries and found the right company, but if you don’t ask to see their previous experiences, or check for their background, chances still are you won’t have a successful experience.

It is important for you to ask them what types of projects they have worked in before, how they have handled them, what technologies have they used and so on. That way, you’ll know if they are the right match for you or not.

Having a great experience when outsourcing to Latin America isn’t really that hard. As long as you get familiar with the region, and now how to search for the correct company, you’ll be okay.


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