Tools to communicate efficiently with the partner team

August 17, 2021

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The availability of the partner in the established work schedule is essential so that the tasks move forward and the issues are solved on time. But when the partner is nearshore or offshore, communication can be more complex because it is not located within the company but in an external location.


There are many useful business communication tools and platforms for teams to stay in touch and aligned with the workflow. We give you some options here:


Tools to communicate efficiently with the partner team


Instant messenger service


Over the years we have tested different tools that allow companies and partners to be permanently connected and working as a team. Implementing an internal messenger service can be very useful to exchange messages during working hours and see who is available or absent during the day. Two of the most used are Slack and Rocket, private platforms with high levels of security, which can be configured according to the requirements of the company.


Project management software


Another way to be in contact with external resources that are not in the company is project management software. In these platforms, in general, the project manager creates tickets by organizing the tasks, appointing those responsible, and setting time estimates for each one. It is a very useful tool to monitor the progress of the tasks, evaluate the productivity of the team and attend to any blockage in a ticket. Some of the most used software is JIRA, Trello, among others.




Divide tasks into sprints


In the technology area, there is always a lot of work. MUCH. We know that and we live it daily. Therefore, the main thing to keep our workdays organized and smooth are the sprints. It is a good strategy to divide the work evenly throughout the project. In each sprint, locate the tasks that the team will develop in the week: please, make them achievable, that is, goals that correspond to the time available that the developer will have in the week.


Cloud storage


If something has facilitated and enhanced the work of remote teams, it is cloud storage. Being able to instantly share diverse kinds of content with people anywhere in the world is fantastic, maintaining an agile and efficient workflow with these types of tools.


There are many cloud storage services, whether they are paid, free or open-source platforms. Depending on the needs of your team, you can use, for example, Google Drive, Own Cloud, among other platforms that are equally useful and adaptable to any type of company or industry.






Well no, you should never underestimate the most basic forms of communication such as video calls. In the first place, it is a much more direct and personal form of contact, through which the relationship between the company and the external resource can be strengthened. Also, it allows clarifying instantly and clearly any type of issue or doubt existing in the development of the project.

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