The use of images and videos to create a positive impact

June 18, 2021


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![enter image description here](https://cms.rootstack.com Within the web development of a company we must consider the optimal use of each section of the site based on what the user generally seeks: security, speed and confidence. The more authentic features your site has, the more traffic it will handle. Not only is it about having multiple functionalities available to our users if we do not fulfill the correct strategy based on the user experience we want to give. The user experience corresponds to the experience of a person about a product, system or service based on the functionality, easy to use and efficiency of in this case, a website. We must provide our users with a good experience so that they can quickly find what they are looking for, take time to navigate the other sections and look for the majority of what our company offers, generating a good personal perception and transmit a good image of the company to potential users. It is known that half of Internet users do not wait more than 10 seconds to load a website when they browse the web. (ConsumerLab - Ericsson). A site loaded with information with many videos and images helps the site to load slow. Optimal web development should be done together with other environments, seeking to avoid affecting the user in the general search of the services of the company taking into account that the majority of users access the websites through a mobile device. **To improve the user experience on your website you should consider having:** - Attractive and customizable design - It must have an attractive design for your users that meets the standards of your company. Due to the constant adoption of mobile users it is necessary that the websites have a design adapted to all devices and their different sizes. - Quick pictures and videos - It is required that our images and videos are of fast load to avoid that the visit of our users is short and annoying. - Striking content - Generally between companies it is thought that the more content, the better the positioning and traffic will have which fulfills the opposite. A site with punctual and quality content, defined keywords, flashy titles and a constant update will help in the final attraction of the users. - Custom Features - The impact of the website will be based on the features that the company provides to users, which will make the site unique. Within the business strategy we must take into account the new functionalities with the growth of our company. - Usability - As one of the most important parts we have the Usability, which corresponds to the ease of use. If a site is complicated to use the user will not re-enter and it will be very difficult to retain a user who had a bad experience. It's not good having a website with personalized features for our users if we do not have an easy to use site. The main idea of having a web development is that we generate more traffic and an increase in our sales. Taking into account the positive impact that our site may have based our strategy on the points mentioned above we will be able to investigate behavior patterns of our users once our website has been launched, to verify the correct use and loading times of each section of our site.