Use the Pomodoro technique to increase your productivity

July 26, 2021


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The Pomodoro is a technique created by Francesco Cirillo in the eighties, which aims to work exclusively on a task without distractions, for one or more periods of time, separated by short breaks.


The name chosen for the technique has its origin in a tomato-shaped kitchen clock, in Italian called pomodoro, which Cirillo used to carry out this methodology that is still used today due to its proven effectiveness.


Steps to use the Pomodoro technique:


  • Choose the task you are going to do.
  • Set the timer to beep in 25 minutes.
  • Work exclusively on that task, without distractions. If during those minutes new tasks occur to you, write them down to do them later. Once the timer goes off mark on the paper that you have already completed a Pomodoro.
  • Take a five minute break.
  • Repeat the steps above.
  • Every time you complete four Pomodoros, take a 15-30 minute break to replenish your physical and mental energy.


Work sprints for 25 minutes are the most important part of this technique, so it is advisable to follow these three rules and thus make the most of your time:


  1. If you are faced with a complex task, which requires a minimum of four pomodoros, it is best to divide it into small steps so that it is more practical. This guarantees you continued progress that will help you in the emotional part
  2. Any task that can be done in less than a pomodoro must be joined with a similar one until the 25 minutes are completed. Never allow time to be idle inside a pomodoro as it can slow down your work rate.
  3. When a pomodoro begins, you should not be distracted by anything, zero check a new email or some social network. It is best to disable notifications on your phone or put it on silent.


At Rootstack we believe that this technique will increase your motivation and productivity, working better in less time. You can improve task planning, increase your ability to concentrate and reduce mental fatigue. This technique can also be done in group tasks, agreeing to start working together with your teammate at the same time.


What are you waiting for? Start trying the Pomodoro Technique today.