VueJS: Advantages and disadvantages of this framework

July 26, 2021


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Quick Access

VueJS is a progressive framework created by Evan You in 2013 while working at Google and released in 2014, gaining popularity almost instantly and becoming the favorite of many developers when it comes to creating single page applications.


In addition to being progressive, VueJS works with JavaScript and works not only to create single page applications, but also to design user interfaces, as well as being used for desktop and mobile applications when combined with the Electron framework.


How the existence of Angular contributed to the development of VueJS


In an interview with the specialized portal Altexsoft, Evan You, creator of VueJS, commented that he was inspired by the Angular framework and managed to make a version of it lighter and more accessible for those who are new to programming.


He commented "For me, Angular offered something great which is data binding and a data driven way of dealing with a DOM, so you don't have to touch the DOM yourself to achieve it."


Main advantages of using VueJs


Its small size: this may not be a great feature, but the 18 KB that this framework weighs makes it ideal for a quick download and to be able to store it on low-memory devices, positively impacting your SEO and UX.


Break down components into individual files: When creating an application or web page with VueJS, each piece of it is divided into individual components, represented as encapsulated elements in its interface. These components can be written in HTML, CCS and JavaScript, this being another advantage.


This feature is ideal when unit testing is done to see if even the smallest parts of the application or web page work on their own.


Easy to learn and use: VueJS is one of the friendliest frameworks when it comes to being used by developers who are just starting out or people who are enthusiastic about learning the basics of this field. When you start coding, it is not necessary to know JSX and TypeScript, elements that are used in other front-end technologies.

Disadvantages when using VueJS


The language barrier: the massive use of VueJS by Chinese companies such as Xiaomi and AliBaba has motivated programmers from that country to become experts in this framework and publish a lot of information on the web about it itself, the majority being written in Chinese. When it comes to accessing it from the West, the fact of not knowing how to speak this language can be an impediment to learning about updates and improvements.


It does not have support for large projects: due to being a relatively young framework, VueJS does not have the support of a team as extensive as others in the field, for example Angular. This distances it from large projects and is generally used for smaller tasks, despite being present in companies such as IBM and Adobe.


Also, because it is a new framework and with few years in the market, there are few expert developers in VueJS, leading this to be one of the least used in the labor market and, for its part, generating little interest when learning about it.