Web solutions in Panama: Does it really works?

June 18, 2021

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As a software development company in Panama that we are, we always do our best to keep up with the trends of current web solutions in the country and the region.


However, today we will not talk about the most used technologies in the region, or the outsourcing software trends that will mark this year. Today we will talk about Panama web solutions, and if they really work, or not.


Before we continue, if you are new to the topic, we recommend that you read our previous blog, here. In which we talk about what are these types of solutions and their benefits. Ready? It's time to continue then.


web solution


Importance of web solutions

As you know (if you read our previous blog) a web solution can be many things. From an online platform, website, Intranet, to a web application, all these are considered web or digital solutions. However, today we will focus on the most typical form of web solution Panama: Web pages.


Nowadays, a company, business or company that does not have a website is a business that is missing important opportunities. In a world where 3 billion people have constant access to the internet, not having an online platform is a great disadvantage.


Google explains this amazingly in one of their online mini-tutorials. In the video, Google emphasizes the importance of an online presence for small / medium / large businesses, and how to obtain a web page is the first step toward solidifying this digital presence.


As noted in the video, a web page is the largest digital marketing strategy that any business can implement today. And if it is used in the right way, the benefits can be many.


web solution


Panama web solutions: Are they so important?

We know that a single Google video will not convince you of the importance of a web solution today, so let us talk about the importance of this type of solutions in Panama.


You see, Panama is one of the top 3 countries for software outsourcing in Latin America, and it is considered one of the countries with the best technological and economic development in the region in recent years.


Maybe you ask yourself: And that matters, it matters, and a lot. Having a website that acts as your online presence before the world can help you position your business before thousands of potential clients, both national and international.


You see, with thousands of people constantly considering Panama as a country worth investing in, having a digital platform that is easy to locate is a need in which your business should be investing immediately, regardless of what type of business you have, or what products / services you commercialize.


Take for example the following companies and government entities located in Panama that have opted for a web solution that will help them in their goal of continuing to evolve:

  1. MINFO: It is a Panamanian company that It works as a repository or data center, whose objective is to make it easier for companies to develop the "Know your customer" or "Know Your Client" policy, which must comply with the Anti-Money Laundering Law, Terrorism Financing and Weapons of Destruction massive, in order to adhere to its integrity policy and not be sanctioned by the supervisory bodies. This company opted for a software development solution that was based on creating both a commercial website and a platform that helps to automate the KYC process carried out in Panama.

  2. ATP: Also known as the Tourism Authority of Panama, it is a governmental institution that resorted to web development to create a mobile application aimed at tourists who want to travel the country, learn about special events, know the best tourist locations and more.

  3. CUPFSA: Known as one of the largest cosmetics companies in Panama, they opted for a web solution that would allow them to handle internally and safely all the permits related to the import and distribution of cosmetics within the country.


web solution


Keep in mind that these three companies / entities are just one example of the type of web solutions in Panama and the impact that software development has had in the country.


If you want to know more cases, remember to read our case studies, here. Where you can find a lot of information about the companies that have used this type of solutions, how these projects were carried out, and so on.


Is it worth investing in a Panama web solution?

Now that you know the importance of having a website in Panama, it's time to decide whether investing in these types of solutions is really worth -or not-, worth it.


For this, let's see the statistics. According to a study carried out by [Statista] (https://www.statista.com/topics/2477/online-shopping-behavior/), at least 40% of people tend to buy several times a month online .


Not only this, but the same study showed that the online shopping market will be extended in the next two years, becoming one of the largest in the world.


web solution


Taking this into account, the answer is yes, investing in a web solution Panama (and really anywhere in the world) is something worthwhile, because it immediately results in more sales and a greater reach.


For your good luck, web solutions in Panama are quite common, and you can get one that suits especially what you, and your business, need.


If you are looking for a web solution, we can help you. Contact us, and let us create the solution you are looking for, made completely to your specifications.


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